Learn The Basics As To How To Approach Ladies And Simplify Your Life

Men are thought of as quite chivalrous and strong but when it comes to approaching a girl or lady who they like at first instance then its gets quite difficult for them. Let’s make it clear for once and for all that yes men do get a little nervous and hesitant when it comes to approaching a lady. Whether you are in shopping mall or are visiting a café, you always get fascinated by the beauty of one or other girl and a desire to talk to her immediately rattles your mind.

Yes, thoughts like approaching the girl and initiating a chat with her are natural but you somehow could not show the guts and it becomes one of those if a but moment. This certainly is the cause of having a low confidence and feeling of rejection that takes a toll and you certainly lack the talent as how to approach ladies in public or any place. In order to come good in front of ladies and initiate a chat it is advisable that you to follow the golden rule of first impression is the last impression and approach her with all dignity and a soft tone as well as friendly tone.

Here are some of the tips or techniques that you can look to follow to smooth out the whole deal and come good with ladies.

Shedding your inhibitions and being honest can do the trick – There are many men who are always of the opinion that a simple “Hi” or any sort of approach can offend the women.  This is certainly not true and most number of women does not ever get offended at your honest approach. It is all a figment of your imagination and only theories that are cooked up by your mind to save your embarrassment.

It therefore is quite advisable that you shed your inhibition and open up in front of the lady. Nothing charms or impresses a lady more than a confident man. Confidence is the key to success and you should approach a girl in public or anywhere with a smile or positive tone. If the lady is interested then its best for you if she is not interested then what is the big deal you anyways did not know her.

Make eye contact and look for positive signs – How to approach ladies in public, or any place for that matter is a question that revolves in the mind of men most of the time. A beautiful lady to date with is the ultimate fantasy of all men and for this you first need to get lucky with one. Approaching a girl may prove a cakewalk if you are aware about the right technique and are confident about that technique. One such technique that is quite interesting and ever productive is making an eye contact with a lady that you find attractive or beautiful.

You can give a glance at her and you can repeat it once more, if the lady is impressed by you or is willing to have a chat then she would certainly make an eye contact with you. Once, the lady gives any positive indication or smiles or blushes than it is certainly a sign that you can go ahead and initiate a chat with her. The chat can prove revolutionary in your life and who knows you end up going on date with the love of your life.

The time and place also play a positive role – There are many of you who get quite desperate about getting in contact with a girl that you end up approaching her at wrong time and inappropriate place. This can prove quite dissatisfying to her and she may reject your advance straightaway.  The basic thing that you need to learn about how to approach ladies is that making them feel uncomfortable can simply jeopardize your chances of impressing her to a great extent. The lady will simply develop a bad impression about you and you may never feel comfortable coming in front of her.

To make sure that this scenario never takes place with you it gets quite important that you learn bout the right time and right place to approach a girl. A public place, a shopping mall, any café or public gathering are some of the places that you can look for to approach the girl. Here she is quite confident and will look to respond you quite comfortably. Time also plays a perfect role; you should avoid approaching a girl after evenings as she might consider it quite wrong and form a bad impression about you. Public parks, streets and in dim lights also you should avoid making your first interaction with the girl as she might get uncomfortable and run away.

Practice talking to strangers and learn forming conversations – Communication is the art that should be perfected by you in order to come good with a lady. There are many men like you that do not like to talk to strangers as they simply find it awkward or uninteresting. This is an area that spoils your experience and when it comes to approaching a girl your male ego comes in between and causes harm to you.

To simply avoid this situation and get confident in front of strangers it is quite suitable that you learn the art of initiating conversation with strangers. This can help you a lot and you will end up learning about the behavior, body signs and attitude of people. You will instill a sense of confidence in you that will prove beneficial. This can have quite a positive impact on your personality and you will be able to approach a girl quite easily.

Forming a random conversation with her will prove easy for you and you will be having a smooth ride with her. Chatting may turn into friendship and friendship may turn into relationship and this is something that will give you satisfaction. How to approach ladies is not a rocket science at all and confidence and a clear and positive mind as well as honesty is what it takes to break the ice.

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