Learn The Greatest Ice Breakers For Building Smooth Relationship

The start of any relationship depends upon your way of interaction. If you are able to form the best impression on your first interaction, then there are higher possibilities of sharing a healthy relationship with someone otherwise, it will be hard for you to even become a friend. When plan to meet a girl for the first time or you are planning a date with her. You should make sure that your first impression should be the best as it will be a long lasting impression of yours which is hard to replace quickly. For making a new start of a relationship with the best impression, you need to learn about the greatest ice breakers so that you can build a strong relationship with your partner. Your verbal communication matters a lot so keep a check on your verbal skills. A bad ice breaker can ruin your relationship before starting while a good ice breaker can turn your relationship into a wonderful relationship.

A sweet and simple “hello”

You will be surprised to know that more than half of the population around the world feels that hello is the coolest ice breaker they have used in their life. It gives them courage to start the conversation with someone. A genuine hello with a sweet smile and a complementary question “how do you do?” or “how was your day” gives a very easy and simple start to your conversation with anyone. In the reply of the answer, you can put up another question to know more about the person whom you are talking. “Hello” can also be complemented with the day greetings which include “Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night” to ice break the conversation for the beginning of both formal and informal relationships.

Break the ice on mutual interests

When you know about the interest of the person whom you are meeting then there can be no greatest ice breakers than asking questions related to their interest. It will ensure that the person is interested in talking with you especially on the topic which he/she likes. The ice breakers on the basis of the interest vary from one interest area to another. So, you need to check out the popular ice breakers related to your interest areas. Those who are interested in sports can ask questions about the sports they are interested in, their favorite sportsperson and also have a healthy discussion on the latest ongoing and upcoming matches. It will help you to know more about the person and make the person feel interested in your conversation. For the couples, this type of ice breakers makes them more comfortable to communicate with each other.

Pick up the Flirty ice breakers

It can be quite challenging for you to pick up the right ice breaker especially when you want to flirt with a guy or a girl. You have to be very specific while choosing the flirty ice breaker as it can enable the person to get the right intent even if you have evil desire and vice versa. Some of the flirty ice breakers include:

  1. “You are looking so stunning that I couldn’t stop thinking about you on my bed”
  2. “What are your plans for tonight?”
  3. “ Weather of this city is really awesome then why are you making it so hot with your looks”
  4. “ You have got nice earrings”
  5. “ You have got a sexy body”
  6. “ Your name is as pretty as you, is you name after someone” or “what is the meaning of your good name”

These are some of the flirty greatest ice breakers that you can ask to a girl you meet her. By giving answers to these questions, she will not only get comfortable in talking to you but also will feel the warmth you show to her through your verbal communications. These flirty ice breakers will help you to make your partner fall in love with you because of your style and also enable you to build a smooth relationship with you.

Ice breakers for your old mate

It is quite surprising when you meet any of your school friend or college friend after a long time.  At that time, you are unable to speak anything, especially when you liked him/her during your school days or college days but have never got the courage to express your feelings. You can face the dilemma of where to start your conversation with him/her. So, here are some of the ice breakers for your old mates whom you have met after a long gap:

  • “How are you doing?”
  • “ You are the same as were during school/college days”
  • “Do you remember math’s teacher, she was really scary”
  • “ Remember the prank that you had played in the class and for which whole class was punished”

In addition to these, there are many more ice breaker questions that you can say to your old mate on meeting. You can remind him/her of their first crush, the best time you shared in the school or college and how the things went on after your school and college life. These types of questions will enable you to get comfortable with your old mate and get to know more about each other. If you have such greatest ice breakers then it will be easy for you to continue your smooth relationship with your old mate once again. You will not feel awkward or hesitated to even propose a guy or a girl whom you have ever loved since your school days or college days.

Maintain the dignity of the ice breakers

The idea of ice breaker is to initiate the conversation with someone in the most casual way that neither you nor the person with whom you are talking is uncomfortable. It is the most cherished way to lay the foundation of conversation with your partner.  So, you should keep in mind the valuable tips to use the ice breakers. Make sure that ice breaker which you select should not hurt anyone or disclose your wrong intention to the person with whom you want to establish better connections.

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