Learn Worthy Tips On How To Know If A Girl Is Flirting With You

Women are more innovative than men especially in the case of subtlety. They do not let their secrets to get disclosed easily to the men. Not even when they are attracted to a guy. They always want a guy to approach them and ask them for a date. Sometimes, the girl flirts with a guy without letting him to know that she is flirting. This is the reason why most of the guys are unable to grab the opportunity of making girlfriend. There are many men who are confused and they are unable to recognize the opportunity that is in front of them for having a girlfriend and this can keep them single for several years. So, men are required to discover the signs that show that a girl is flirting with you. It will help you to identify the flirting and make her yours forever. Flirting is an art and most of the women master it but in a secret way. Guys should learn some tips on how to know if a girl is flirting with you.

Read out the body language

You may speak a lie but your body never lies. Thus, it is the body language of a girl that you should check out to know if she is having fun or flirting with you or not. There are lots of body language signs that will help you to know that she is flirting with you. Some of the body language signs include:

  • An intense eye contact: If a girl is flirting with you she will find it difficult to keep her eyes away from you. She will want you to be in front of her eyes all the time. Guys should recognize the intense glaze of a woman and notice if they are constantly being watched.
  • Direction of her feet: When a girl flirts with you or she is attracted towards you, she will point her legs infront of you. This is an unconscious action of her.
  • Show her hands to you: She will put her hands in front of you and want you to hold them. She will also subconsciously make several hand movements in order to attract you and seek your attention.
  • Sit in leaning position: If a girl is talking to you and she is leaned towards you, it signs that she is flirting with you or looking for a chance to flirt with you.
  • Hair play: You will find her playing with her hair while talking to you in order to attract you. She will not want anything to disturb her while talking to you.

By reading all her body actions, you will not have to search for how to know if a girl is flirting with you. Her body signs are enough to know that she is actually flirting with you.

Flirting signs over the text

Lots of women like to flirt with the guys over the text. Guys are needed to understand that whether she is just trying to be friendly with him or flirting with her in real. If you are able to get the right hit then there are chances that you may win her heart and get her in your life forever. Some of the signs that will help you to know that she is flirting with you over the text include:

  • She will instantly reply to all your messages. No matter at what time of the day you have messaged her, she will quickly reply to it.
  • She will text you very often and at most of the time she will start the conversation. Even if you have sent just a “Hello”.
  • She will find every excuse to text you. You can compare her messages with the messages of your other friends. She will ask you silly questions, ask about the same notice which she already knows, and sometimes, divert her reason for texting you.
  • You can notice the intense use of emoticons in her messages. She will probably like to convey her emotions and feelings in a short and simple way.
  • She will ask you to send your pictures to her or she will send her pictures to you even if you have not asked for it.
  • One of the best ways for how to know if a girl is flirting with you is that she will discuss on all the topics from talking about your day schedule to talking on the hot topics like relationships and sex.

When a girl is texting you even in the hard times of her life or she is taking out some time from her busy life to contact you, it simply means that she feels something for you and is flirting with you. It is a big deal if she is making herself emotionally vulnerable to you.

Obvious signs that she is interested in you

Apart from reading her body language and discovering the signs that she is interested in you by her text messages, there are some obvious signs that you should not neglect to notice. Girls are often mysterious by nature and it is really hard for the guys to know whether she is flirting with her or not. Some of the additional signs that will answer to guys for the question how to know if a girl is flirting with you are:

  • You will notice a great change in her dressing style. Every time she meets you, she will dress differently.
  • She will ask you several things about you including your likes and dislikes so that she can know you better.
  • She enjoys your company and never complains of anything when she is with you. She never looks at her watch even if she has a meeting or she is getting late for home.
  • Her friends will tease you openly, especially when you have a common friend with her.

There are lots of more signs to know if a girl is flirting with you. But the above mentioned signs are also enough to let you know that she is flirting with you and quite interested in you.


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