Left Unsaid: Is It Ever Okay To Keep Secrets From Your Partner?

secrets in relationships

There are a lot of questions that come up when you're in a relationship. One of those questions is, “Is it okay to keep a secret from my partner?” Some people feel that to be in a healthy relationship, you need to tell your partner everything. Others feel that it's okay to keep some things from your partner, for their own good or yours. So who is right? Below we're discussing if it's ever okay to keep secrets from your partner…

When It's Okay…

We think it's okay to keep secrets from your partner when it's a very, very, very little secret. What exactly is a “little secret?” Examples of a little secret may be withholding what you spent on a new outfit or not telling them that you watched their favorite TV show while they were at work. Little secrets are things that may upset your partner slightly, but not have a significant impact on your partner's life or the well-being of your relationship. So if it's something little, it's okay to keep it a secret.

When It Isn't Okay…

It's not okay to keep secrets from your partner when the secret is something big and important. This means anything that could significantly affect your partner or impact your relationship. This can include things like getting your hours cut at work, hanging out with your ex, or considering moving to a new place. You should put yourself in your partner's shoes to determine if it's something they need to know. Ask yourself, “Would I be comfortable if they kept something like this from me?” If the answer is no, you cannot keep it a secret.

secrets in a relationship

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