Leonardo DiCaprio Reveals the Secret to His Badass Beard. Find Out More About These Beard Growth Pills All the Hollywood Stars are Using!

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of, if not the biggest star in Hollywood. He routinely is spotted on private jets, driving expensive cars, or chartering yachts with multiple Victoria's secret models. Basically, Leo is living the life every guy dreams about. And while the cars, money, and girls might be out of reach for the average guy, we discovered that getting Leo's trademark beard is way easier than you think.

If you noticed Leo earlier in his career, he barely had any facial hair. It was aways patchy and didn't look good. He admitted to being too embarrassed to even attempt to let it grow. Leo was envious of other celebrities like Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt that could seemingly grow a beard in a few days.

As the years passed, DiCaprio started getting more offers for movie roles for characters that had beards and he needs to find a way to get rid of the baby face and get a full grown beard.

After consulting with a few Hollywood Alumni, Leo realized it was a fairly common problem and actors would use a product called  to grow a full beard for important movie roles where a fake beard simply wouldn't do. Leo revealed that Jon Hamm was the first person who told him about  and even slipped him a bottle that night!

was once only available to the Hollywood Elite, but is now available to the public on a trial basis and guys everywhere are saying the same thing: Using Beard Czar helped them grow a FULL, RICH BEARD in a few weeks! 

Here at PIOP we're skeptical of products that seem to good to be true so we decided to have one of investigative reporters try out these new ‘wonder pills' for himself and put together a report.

Celebrities like John Hamm and Zach Galifinakis have used Beard Czar to Grow the “Perfect” Beard…

When we first found out about this beard-growth-enhancer, it sounded like another scam. That's exactly why we decided to try  for ourselves. I volunteered to do the test myself because I've never had a beard in my entire life. I'm 35 years old and still get ID'ed whenever I buy alcohol. I search around for the free trial of Beard Czar. Although there are many suppliers, I chose this site because they were the most trustworthy and credible supplier and everyone here at PIOP agreed.

The free bottle of  arrived in a few days and shipping was under 5 bucks. Since  is so popular amongst celebrities, the executives here at PIOP thought it would be best to try this specific product for the most accurate results and wow were they remarkable.

Hollywood's Biggest Secret to Masculinity.

We had our doubts, so we wanted to find out if  could do everything they claimed.

has been scientifically proven to provide:



After taking Beard Czar for the first day of taking it, I have to admit I didn't notice anything different. I would wake up and run to the bathroom to see if my facial hair was starting to grow. but after 48 hours I couldn't believe what I saw! I started growing stubbles which typically take a week.

That wasn't all. My facial hair usually comes in patchy, but this time it was thick and smooth. By the end of the week I had one of the best 5 o'clock shadow's I've ever had. It looked similar to the Celebrity stubble guys like Vince Vaughn have.


After 14 days of using  my beard is thicker than it's ever been. Typically when I grow out a beard it comes in patchy and uneven. It would look so bad that I'd shave it off, but with  I love it! There's no patches whatsoever.

WEEKS 3-5:

After a month, any doubt I had whether this product was for real was gone! My friends are all asking me how I got my beard so fast. We were having some drinks at the bar when a girl came up to me and starting groping my beard. It was amazing! I felt like such a beast.

 has honestly changed my appearance more than I ever imagine. I just order a beard comb and oil off Amazon and that's something I never thought I would do.

“My beard grew over 4.5 inches in a month. I'm thrilled with the results!

Will This Work For You? Our Verdict:

In conclusion, if you're one of those guys that always wanted a badass beard that all of the Hollywood celebrities are rocking, you have to give  a try for yourself. Everyone hear at PIOP is using it after they saw how quickly my beard grew. We teamed up with the maker of Beard Czar to offer this Free trial to our readers only so you have nothing to lose!

Use the special offer below to see what guys everywhere are going crazy over!

IMPORTANT: *We have tested both products together, so It is important that you use Step 1 and Step 2 in this method to achieve similar results.



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