Let It All Out: 3 Ways to Open Up More In Your Relationship

Opening Up

Communication is vital for a healthy, happy relationship. If you cannot open up and speak candidly with your partner, your relationship will never last. For a relationship to work, both people need to feel comfortable to share their feelings, expectations, and their past shortcomings. Communicating fully and openly is usually easier said than done. Many people struggle to practice good communication. To help you improve the communication in your relationship, we've got three great ways to open up more in your relationship. Check them out below:

1. Address Issues Right Away

A major way to open up more to your partner is to always be upfront with them. Many people have a tendency to keep their emotions bottled up, letting issues build until they eventually burst. This only leads to huge fights and makes problems way worse than they need to be. If you want to be completely open with your partner, you need to address issues as they arise. Don't procrastinate and wait for the “right time” to bring something up. If something is upsetting you or concerning you address it with your partner right away. This will improve your relationship because it will allow both of you to feel comfortable talking about things that trouble you.

2. Don't Be Ashamed of Past Mistakes

If you want to open up more in your relationship, you need to let go of any hang ups you have about your past. We all have a past and we have all made mistakes. Keeping your history a secret from your partner will only lead you to feel repressed and stressed out. If your partner loves you, they will understand your history. Allowing yourself to feel ashamed or embarrassed of things you have done or decisions you have made will only prevent you from being fully open in your relationship. If you want to have a happy, healthy relationship, you need to disclose the things in your past that you are not comfortable with.

3. Ask More Questions

Communication is a two-way street, so if you want to open up more to your partner, you need to encourage them to be open as well. If you're an open book but your partner keeps everything to themselves, this is not a healthy relationship. You want to establish a relationship that feels safe and comfortable for the both of you. Ask your partner questions about themselves, their history, their family, etc. If your partner feels comfortable to open up to you, it will help you to feel comfortable as well. This will lead to healthy communication and make the both of you less likely to be secretive.

Open Communication

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