Lies About Dating People Tell Us All The Time

Nobody likes a liar, which is why trust and honesty are the most important traits people look for while choosing a partner. Though not all lies are harmful; there are some lies that most of us keep telling ourselves that might actually prevent us from being in a loving relationship.

Below are five common lies we tell ourselves about dating.

I Won’t Fall In Love Again
Even if you don’t believe these words, these words project fear. Mainly men and women who have failed to have a long-lasting relationship say this and believe it too. But, it’s a lie. Don’t mix up the lie with facts and fear, as both are distinct from each other. It’s a fact when you still didn’t found anyone to be in a loving relationship, but if you keep telling yourself that you’ll never find love in the future, it’s all fear.

I Don’t Deserve More
This is by far a vicious lie. Men and women who believe in this stay in relationships not right for them, and also prevent them from exploring a new relationship. This myth is dangerous that it makes individuals too scared to get out from a dysfunctional or even an abusive relationship. We suggest talking with a therapist if someone believes in this absurd notion.

It’s Better To Be In Dysfunctional Or Bad Relationships Than Being Alone
Some people assume that it’s okay to be in a relationship with the wrong boyfriend or girlfriend than being single or if they can’t find their match. This lie acknowledges that fact it’s perfectly okay for men and women to be accepting and comfortable in being relationships with the wrong person. We can safely tell that no good will come from such a lifeless and mediocre relationship. Even if both of them got married, it’s just a matter of time that the marriage will end up in a divorce.

Love At First Sight Is True
Most people just don’t give enough to know about themselves or understand the importance of the essential qualities a man or a woman must have to be in a fruitful and lasting relationship. These individuals often evaluate their first dates based on delusional criteria like physical attractiveness or whether they had any chemistry with their dates. Some of these men and women will dismiss a good match only because they thought they didn’t feel any chemistry immediately, or they weren’t satisfied by their physical attraction.

Ignoring Bad Things Will Make It Go Away
Some folks think if they find any flaws in the person they’re dating, ignoring it will make them forget about it or it just simply goes away! Things just don’t go away, and people don’t change. If your instincts tell you this person isn’t right for you, but you’re too afraid to say him or her because they’ll leave you, it’s a short-term solution. As the relationship matures over time, these flaws will be the main reasons for the demise of your relationship.

If you’re ready for a relationship, the first important step for you to take is to recognize and reject the lies that will prevent you from having a healthy, committed relationship. So, embrace the truth, and you’ll be in a happy and long-term relationship.

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