Lies We Tell To Our Boyfriends To Make Our Relationships Stronger

Sometimes, the truth can be very harsh. That’s why sometimes we have to tell all those white lies in our relationships and marriages to keep it strong. It's something we have embraced as a part of a romantic relationship.

Here are some lies women tell their boyfriends and husbands to keep their relationship exciting and thriving:

1. The Sex Is Awesome!
When you have a demanding career or married with kids, the last thing you’ve on your mind is to be physically intimate with your partner. Some women who are in long-term relationships admit that they don’t enjoy sex the way they did before with their boyfriends, But, telling your boyfriend that you still enjoy having sex with him makes him happy and makes him think that he’s an excellent sexual dynamo, then telling this lie is totally fine.

2. You Haven't Gained Weight
When you and your partner have been in a relationship for some time, it’s pretty standard for both of you to gain some weight. It's perfectly normal and perfectly fine for you, and most women don’t mind if their boyfriends have gained a few extra pounds. But, if he always seeks reassurance from me that he is not overweight, don’t tell him the truth and hurt his feelings. Instead, tell him that he isn't overweight at all.

3. I Still Believe You're Hot And Sexy!
Let’s be honest; we can’t young and dashing our lives. It’s perfectly normal and perfectly fine for you if you don’t see your boyfriend as the hottest thing on the planet, though other ladies might still find him hot. But, there's no point in telling him, as it won’t change anything, and will only hurt his feelings and create unnecessary tension in the relationship.

4. I Loved The Gift You Gave Me
Some men just can’t make good purchasing decisions. Sometimes, it can be baffling for you see that after dating you for so long, he still struggles to buy something that delights you. We understand the pain and anger that your partner still hasn't managed to offer you a gift that made you happy. But, it's the thought that counts and your significant other has put a lot of thought into each gift, and it’s the thought that makes each gift so meaningful.

5. I Love Your Cooking
You know your partner can’t cook as all of his dishes tastes like crap. Your food tastes so much better. But, it for your best that you don’t tell him that he has no cooking skills whatsoever. Instead, consider this that when he cooks, you don’t have to, and it’s something that you need to appreciate.

6. It's Fine With Me Hanging Out With Your Friends.
You can’t ask a man to stop hanging out with his friends when he’s in a committed relationship. After all, a man needs some space in his life so that he can fill that with other relationships in his life that matters to him. So, when your partner asks you if it’s okay hanging out with his buddies, tell him you’re fine with him going out, instead of telling him that your life would be so much easier if he could stay home and helped you out with the chores and the kids.

Sometimes, when you’re in a relationship, lying is far better than telling the truth. But, you’ll know it’s worth every lie when you see your boyfriend smiling.

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