Little, Powerful Gestures That Excite Men The Most!

It’s often the small, insignificant gestures that make all the big differences. Similarly, there are many little things you can do to excite your boyfriend, and you don’t need porn for that. It’s the buildup of small, yet gestures that creates the intense sexual tension and which make him think and drool for you all day and all night.

Want to know what these are? Here are nine shy, small and subtle gestures that will make a guy like you.

1. A wink
If you’re too nervous in trying all those bold, flirty moves, just give him a wink. A small, cute, and often sexy wink is perfect for a shy girl.

2. A hair
Let your hair touch your lover's face. Touch his hair, if your hair isn’t long. Put your fingers in his hair for a few seconds, and reach the back of his neck. Feel him getting all amorous and sensuous towards you.

3. A bite
Tell your boyfriend that you want to have a bite of his food, and let him feed it to you. Now, return the favor and feed him the same way. After this gesture, we can safely say sex isn’t too far.

4. A trace
When you’re having a conversation with him, gently and softly trace the back of his neck with your finger. Be assured your boyfriend will be begging you for more.

5. An ear
Lean towards him, let your body touch his body, and talk to him slowly and softly in his ear. Keep talking for a few moments. Now, pull away and look at him in the eye. Give him a few second to think about what you said. It doesn’t have to anything sex or flirty. It could be that you cooked him his favorite recipe.

6. A text
Pull out your phone, and send a text message telling that you can’t stop thinking about this particular thing that he does, and it drives you crazy, of course, in a right way. But, there is a catch, don’t tell him what it is. When he asks what it is, tell him that you’ll tell when you see him.

7. A note
Texting is very common these days. Take a small piece of paper, and write a heartfelt letter, instead. Write on it what you were thinking about him. Give it to him as you leave him. It’s beautiful and cute way as you don’t have to tell your boyfriend what you’re thinking at all. But, one thing is for sure, that note of yours will get him thinking.

8. A close shave
Shaving your man is erotic. Wear something incredibly sexy, seductive, leave your bra. Let those nipples see through your shirt or dress. Lean over from behind and get in front view give him a shave. We can guarantee he’ll love it.

9. A sneak peek
When you’re in a relationship, sneak peeks can do wonders. Go to a dinner party wearing a dress, but don’t wear your panties. But, try this only when the weather is warm, this is not a winter move. While you’re eating, just drop your spoon or anything, and ask him to pick it up for you. When he goes under the table, spread those sexy legs. Make sure he sees everything! Yes, you heard that right. That’s all he needs.

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