Living Together Before Marriage – A Relationship Killer or Not?

Many factors can create problems in a relationship. Some of the common and obvious reasons are infidelity, lack of communication, lack of commitment and trust, constant fighting and arguing and so on. Some relationships and marriages end because both partners are unhappy, started to resent each other, simply one of the partner’s can’t meet the physical, mental and emotional desired of the other partner.

Now, there’s another reason that can make or break a relationship. It’s living together at the same place before marriage. It’s quite normal for men and women who have in an exclusive relationship for some time to move in with either partner and find a new place for themselves. We all know the benefits of living together. It’s a great opportunity to save money on rent, utilities, spending less time to work and other places back and forth, and best of all, the ability to spend more quality time together with your significant other. You can also see this living together arrangement as the ultimate test of the relationship. While cohabiting, if you can get habituated of living under the same roof and work together as a couple, you might be more confident to believe that you’ve found the right person you always wanted to marry.

Researchers have been studying this exact idea for quite some time now. They tried to figure out if living together before getting married, without any commitment, makes it easier to break up or get divorced. Many studies have analyzed the impacts of living together before marriage and results aren’t very encouraging. They have found the cohabiting before marriage consequently leads to unhappy marriage and increased level distress in marriages. However, there has been a new study that reports that living together before marriage isn’t necessarily the determining factor whether the marriage will succeed or not. For women, marital distress was more likely to happen when there wasn’t a commitment to marriage in first place. It includes being engaged or more realistic plans toward getting engaged and ultimately getting married. But, for men things were a little unusual. For men, marital stability had no significant impact regardless if men were committed to marriage before living together.

So, what have we learned from this? Is your plan on saving on rent and spending more time together by living together with your partner before getting married not viable in the long-run? Well, if you want to prevent your relationship or marriage from going south, we would suggest that you and your partner seriously consider committing first before living together. Although recent studies show that men won’t experience divorces or their relationships end, women are different.

Regardless, you’re dating someone new or trying to get back with your ex, every man and woman, who are in relationships, hope that their relationship will ultimately result in happy, lasting marriage. But, there are two parties when it comes to relationships or marriages, and it’s crucial that you take into consideration of committing to your partner before living together, as it may affect both of you in the long-term when you get married.

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