An Inside Look At LL Cool J Diet Plan

LL Cool J knows how to make his fans scream not only because they love his songs, but also because they are incited by his perfectly sculpted body. So Cool J is aware of the fact that if he wants to continue appearing shirtless in front of his fans, he needs to keep his abs perfectly worked out. He has never been overweight, but even though his metabolism helped him, his diet needed to overhaul if he wanted to keep looking good. So he started paying more attention to what he eats but at the same time kept himself away from being obsessed with diet while he doesn't deprive himself of some foods that he adores.

So he got in contact with some dieticians who created a food chart for him to make it easier to keep track of his daily menu. Therefore, he divided his food options into foods that are good to eat very often, foods that can be eaten once in a while and foods that are absolutely forbidden. Naturally, the “eat most often” category is chock-full of healthy protein, fiber, healthy fats, and complex carbs. Much of LL’s carbs come from fruits and veggies. But he has another secret that helps him keep the fat percentage low. It is called LL Cool J Supplements and he never starts a day without taking them.

“I love food, but I am aware that if I would eat whatever I want, in the quantities I want I would get too big and my fans would be disappointed. I have created my image as being muscular and now I cannot change it. Also, my diet helps me stay healthy and more energetic. So why to change it?”

LL Cool J Diet Plan



  • Oatmeal or omelet


  • Fruit


  • Veggie wrap with turkey or chicken


  • Salad & fish


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