Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas For The One You Love

Long distance relationships are never easy . They can make you frustrated and annoyed. Sometimes you miss your loved one so badly that all you want is a hug from them.

Missing your partner who is far away from you and conveying it by sending a gift is a unique way to express your deep love. It shows that how desperately he or she is being missed. So let us find out various sweet and fun long distance gifts that can make your partner’s day a happier one.

Long Distances Care Packages

Sending a long distance care package depicts your true love and care for your lover. It is the sweetest way to convey your affection. Here I am sharing care packages ideas that will help in preparing a care package for your partner:

  • Surprise your partner with a crunchy and delicious bakery food basket. Girls who love baking will definitely love this idea. So, prepare a care package full of chocolate brownies, heart shaped cookies and tasty cupcakes for your significant one.
  • How about making a themed blue box or pink box for your partner? Just take a box and color blue or pink. Fill it with candies and chocolates wrapped all in blue or pink. You can add a picture of yours too. Attach a little message to it which says “miss you” Awwww! Isn’t it going to be so cute?
  • Nothing could be as cute as by dumping a pack of Hershey kisses chocolates in a basket along with a note saying “sending you a kiss a day.”
  • Why not having a complete movie care package prepared for your partner? Take a box and fill it with packets of popcorns, chips, candies, chocolates and most importantly a pack of CDs which includes their favorite all time movies.

Open with ….. Letter ideas

“Open with letter idea” is the cutest of all. Write letters for your lover. Express your love and your feelings in different ways in all the letters. Then take a box and place all the letters inside. Wrap them with a classy wrapping sheet, a red ribbon and send it to your lover. Read the following points to get open with letter ideas:

  • Open it when you are missing me

In this letter tell your mate how much he/she is being missed. Recall old memories of the time spent together. You can add a photo of you two together as well.

  • Open it when you are mad

This idea worked wonders when you two had a fight. In this letter just say your heart out. Express your deep love and tell that you never want to hurt their feelings or upset them.

  • Open it when it is the first day of winters

How about preparing a box for the gift along with the letter? Get a pair of gloves, a scarf or a coffee mug. Write a cute romantic letter and dispatch it along with the gift box. And yes! Don’t forget to place a picture of you two standing with a snowman in the box, if you have any.

There are numerous ideas which I haven’t listed here. Think about more fun ideas but remember that the idea should be something creative, fun and affectionate.

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