Long Distance Relationships Advice & Tips For Those Who Feel Like Losing It

Plenty of people naturally assume that long distance relationships are less likely to work. They look for advice for new relationships, but they also come up with the best dating questions over the Internet. However, there is something inside them that thinks differently. Indeed, such relationships are hard to maintain. Plus, there will be plenty of people to discourage you too, from friends to family members. They want the best for you, so they do not want you to suffer if your heart is broken. With all these, you know better than anyone else. You know what works for you and what does not. A little long distance relationships advice and dating advice for guys will work wonders in the long run too. So, what kind of small details help a long distance relationship work?


Communicating in a Creative Manner


Acting like you are close one to another is one of the best relationship advice for those who live a love story. Greet your partner every morning, as well as every night. This is one of the simplest, yet most important things in the process. Act like you two live in the same home. Sure, you are not around each other, but pretend that your partner is at work or you are away for a few days.


Talk on the phone and update each other on whatever happens in your life – including small details that look insignificant. In order to make things even more appealing, there is nothing wrong with sending each other pictures every once in a while, as well as short videos. Why is this love advice for men so important? Simple – you make your partner feel attended to. If they do the same, you also feel loved and appreciated.


Avoiding Risky Situations


Risky situations occur out of nowhere. They are easy to prevent in real life, but they tend to become quite problematic when you are far from the partner. If you know that your partner dislikes the idea of partying until 5AM or going out for more drinks with your friends, perhaps you should not do it. If you truly want to, discuss about this idea and reassure them. Do not be careless or you might regret it later. Chances are there are particular situations you are not happy about either. You would not want your partner to exaggerate with them, would you?


Overlooking these situations will go in three directions. Your partner will become upset, suspicious and worried. Why? Simple – they lack control. This is by far one of the most important relationship advice for guys, yet it also applies to women.


On a different note, this long distance relationships advice must be thoroughly analyzed. Sometimes, you might involuntarily set some traps for yourself. Maybe you go out with a pretty office worker from the nearby building or perhaps you hang out with someone who has always had a crush on you. You should recognize potential dangers before getting involved in such situations. Listening to your heart is fine, but the brain might think differently. It might look like an innocent idea or perhaps a moment of pleasure, yet you might regret it sooner or later.


Doing the Same Things


You two may not be close to each other, but at least you can pretend to. When dating a beautiful woman, you have to pretend that you are close to her. Therefore, do the same things and share as many things as you can. Inevitably, you will feel like actually doing something together. For example, you can recommend some TV shows or perhaps read a book at the same time and discuss it later. How about a good movie or a new music album?


How does this idea help in advice for online dating? Easy – you come up with plenty of extra topics to discuss about. You basically share an experience, no matter where you live. It makes you feel closer one to another, so both parts will appreciate the feeling. The more things you can do in common, the better.


Setting Some Longterm Goals


When interested in long distance relationships advice, it is important to think about it and realize what you want to achieve at the end of the day. What is your goal? Do you have any? If you do not, the relationship will not last. Think about how long you will be apart. What happens then? Are there any future plans? You and your partner must ask these questions yourselves and come up with some viable answers. When your friends tell you that it will not last, they are right to a particular point. No couple will resist a long distance relationship forever. People have to settle at some point or another. You will do it whether they want it or not – involuntarily.


With such ideas in mind, setting a plan along with your partner is probably one of the most important long distance relationships advice. Create a time line. Estimate times, figure how long you will be apart, how long your breaks and vacations will be, set some ideas for the future and draw a final objective. This is also the time to figure whether you two are on exactly the same page. If your goals are completely different, it might be smart to end the relationship now. If you have similar goals, move on.


The general idea is fairly simple. Even if you two live in different parts of the country or world (even at different timezones), the fact that you work together is encouraging enough. You work together for a common future that includes both of you. What can be more motivating than that?


As a short final conclusion, there is plenty of love and marriage help for men, but you have to figure yourself what works for you and your couple. Take advice, accept it, analyze it and adjust it to your own relationship. After all, two relationships are never alike.


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