Looking For Lasting Love? Stop Following Reality TV Shows

These days there are plenty of ways to look for love. There are the usual online dating sites, dating apps, social media, and reality television shows. Reality TV shows are popular than ever these days. Some of these shows have become so popular and influencing that some men and women are following these programs to get dating and relationship advice as well as looking for love by participating in these shows. But, why are relationships found on TV shows like “The Bachelor” or “Meet Your Match” never gets a good chance to succeed.

Though many men and women are willing to expose their desire for love and more to millions of TV viewers, it’s pretty evident that very few of them do actually meet their match on shows such as “The Bachelor.”  For many matchmakers, relationship mentors and psychologists, this comes as no surprise. Because the commitment that is vital for relationships and marriages has been lost in these TV shows. It’s unfortunate, yet true. It’s no secret that the so-called relationship experts and matchmakers working in these shows choose potential matches that aren’t based on likely compatibility. The primary goal was to attain and hold the interest and attention of a large number of viewing audiences. Unfortunately, this is how things are happening these days, particularly when couples are to meet, get married and get physically intimate with each other in front of a camera in less than 24 hours.

For those contestants who genuinely try to make a relationship work or get married with the camera rolling, it’s extremely disappointing, not to mention embarrassing, if they fail to do so. This isn’t surprising at all and expected given the fact that you’ve tied “intimacy” with entertainment for millions of people around the world to see. It’s pretty much mission impossible.

Commitment to marriage is a huge decision a person can make in his or her life. This is true even for compatible couples who have been dating and being in an exclusive relationship many months — if not years. So, we weren’t surprised to see only one or two couples in these dating TV shows decided to marry immediately after being introduced to each other and determined to stay together on a favorite TV show in Australia. Of course, that was an exceptional case, and their commitment and compatibility are more likely due to chance rather than the prowess of these relationship experts and matchmakers involved in bringing them together. However, there will be some deliberate mismatching among some couples, if not all, in such television shows and it’s done to create drama and interest as well as to boost ratings.

Nonetheless, even if some participants are potentially compatible with each other, there is the extreme pressure of initiating and attempting to establish intimacy in a new relationship. Combine that millions of audience are watching it; it dramatically reduces the chances of that new relationship to last. And what’s baffling is that the men and women, who are participating in these shows, are well-aware of the various complications associated with these shows and the experiences they’ll have. If you’re seeking fame and have some while exposing your body and revealing your talent, these shows can be fun. But, if you’re looking for lasting love and protect your heart, we suggest you look somewhere else.

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