Looking For Love? Here’s How You Can Meet A Good Man This Summer!

Single or divorced? Looking for love? Well, it’s summer and if you’re a woman looking for a man – now is the best time. Why? Because summer is the best time to socialize. All you need is a good plan for how to meet a man.

If you're little short on ideas, here are seven of the best places to meet men and have fun at the same time. So, read on!

1. Take Your Dog For A Walk
Take your dog for a walk in the neighborhood’s dog park, or pay a visit to the boardwalk of your local beach or waterfront area. Make sure you look awesome and beautiful before you leave home. Now, while walking your dog, smile at guys as you pass by. That's flirting 101 for you. When they want to talk to you asking about their dogs is a good conversation starter.

2. Read A Book At The Park Or Beach
Reading is good, but holding a book while pretending to read it makes it easy for a man to approach and ask you what kind of book you are reading. Bam, the interaction has begun! Trust me this works most of the time.

3. Join A Kayaking, Yoga, Hiking, Or Biking Group
You could perform all of these alone, but if you do these activities with a singles group, you will definitely meet new people!

4. Never Miss A Party
Attending parties and invitations will help you meet men more than the girl who stays away from them. So, say yes to all of them. The more gatherings you show up, the more people you'll meet. It doesn’t matter if it’s business, friends, or family events. Also, parties are festive and make people happy, which makes it easier and chat with new people.

5. Host Your Own Party
Not invited to invitation and parties? Make your own! Don’t forget to ask your girlfriends not to bring a male friend. Sure, he might not be right for her, but who knows he could be your future significant other!

6. Attend Outdoor Concerts
A lot of communities host outdoor concerts series at a bandshell or park. Outdoor concerts are a great place to meet men because everyone likes music and dancing at concerts. Pretend that you’re enjoying the show, sing along and also dance a little to get noticed by guys around you. When they approach you, be friendly and strike up conversations about the music. You can apply the same technique by listening to live music at outdoor bars.

7. Dine Outside
Many restaurants have put tables outside to attract diners. So, just for a change dine outdoor sometimes. By dining outside, you can often meet other diners nearby, that is you’re naturally chatty or friendly. When you see a cute guy eating his dish, comment on it by saying,” Wow! That looks delicious!”Bingo, you just started a conversation. Also stopping at your local Starbucks or other coffee shops during the day is a good approach to meet someone new. Businesspeople and other professionals like to hang out at a coffee shop between meetings or while taking a break. It’s a great chance to meet guys.

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