Looks or Personality: What Do Women want?

What a valid question!! What do women want: Looks or Personality? Well, it is quite an interesting question which surely is going to vary from one woman to another. Every woman is going to have a different opinion concerning what attracts her; a handsome guy or a selfless, a generous man. But what I believe it all mainly depends upon the kind of relationship concerning the time period, she wants to have. While, exceptional cases are everywhere.

Good looks always attract. It is human nature. But is this the person with only good looks you want?  Are the good looks the only thing that matters? Good question right? Being in constant connection and contact with the women around, I received different point of views in response to my question and the scenarios which I put forward. Here it is pretty important to mention that the attitudes, mindsets, as well as the current life happenings, really influence the opinions.

In one of the scenario, there is a boy who is drowning in the river, the man with average looks jumped into the water and tried to save this little boy, While, on the other hand, the good looking guy found it very dangerous and moved back.

In another scenario, the average looking guy always indulges himself into social services and loves to feed needy and poor people. On the other hand, the handsome man is more interested in making money and is always concerned about his needs.

As mentioned earlier in this article that I believed the opinions must be influenced by the time periods. Time period means the relationship a woman looking for is for the long term or is it just going to be a short one. And not to my surprise, their answers matched what I believed.

Woman preferring having a long term relationship chose even to have a man with average looks, but he must be a king at heart. A woman needs care and requires a kind hearted person. The person who is always there to wipe out her tears, who listens to her carefully when she says her heart out, who is selfless and is always there to stand beside her.  She needs a guy who takes away all her fears and eradicates all her insecurities. On the contrary to it, the woman who just wanted to enjoy or prefer having a fun time only chose to have a man with attractive looks.

And what if a woman meets a guy who possesses the both, good looks and a kind heart? Well, this guy is going to get the maximum votes.

To conclude one can say that as far as when the human nature is being concerned, good looks slightly take over the character. But when we talk about the women who are looking for a long term and serious relationship then the self-sacrificing, the kind-hearted person is always preferred. A person on whom she can rely and who makes her world the most beautiful place to live in.


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