This Is What Being In Love Actually Means…

Love – it always isn’t pretty. But, if you’ve found the right love, it’s worth it. You don’t need to see if a man or woman is perfect, as long as they’re ideal for each other, its mission accomplished. If you’re in love with someone, you don’t need to shower them with gifts or buy her cute things. Simply saying the word, “I love you,” doesn’t mean anything, unless you’ve said it from your heart. Being in love is much more than falling asleep next to your girlfriend every other night. It’s more than someone who you can bring along while going to a friend’s wedding or parties because you hate going to these places alone.

True love means being patient and staying when you’re so upset or so angry or frustrated that you could shout. It’s about thinking what you’re really trying to talk it out and get the message across because you don’t want to hurt your partner for five minutes of being angry or disappointed. Love means not to get annoyed when you see ten messages or phone calls in a row because he or she feels so excited to tell you something. Love means being happy and proud of your spouse, and cheering them when they have a big event coming up. Love means showing a genuine passion and interest your partner does, and taking the time and showing an effort to listen to them about what they’re passionate about, and gushing to them how wonderful it is.

You can experience real love if you don’t love your girlfriend’s quirky habits, her flaws and imperfections, and the things that drive you absolutely insane. True love is when you tell her that she’s right, even you know very well that she’s wrong, while having an argument. If you really love your girl, you’ll be there for her and support her, when things get hard. You’ll be there for her when she breaks down in tears, and you offer your shoulder for her to lean on. Love is sending your significant other a small text message in mid-afternoon while at work with only the words, “hello,” just to let her know that you’re thinking about her. Loving someone means that you stay honest with her, and remain faithful when the tough gets going.

If you love someone, it means not getting angry or resentful at them because they’re stubborn but because they’ll do something that will mess up their lives. This should be the only reason you should get upset because you couldn’t imagine seeing something awful happening to them. Love means not bottling up your feelings, thoughts or emotions, and sharing it with your partner. If you find something wrong in your relationship or something that is upsetting and bothering you, instead of withholding and blaming your lover for it, you bring it up and work it out together. Why? Because when you’re in a relationship with someone, you’re a team now, and problems are solved better and faster when you work together. Love is striking a balance between being silly or funny, and serious at the same time.

Being in love with someone means forgiveness. It's to apologize to the other person when you've hurt their feelings whether they’re right or wrong. It’s about spending time with them and with their friends and family. You know you’ve found true love when you make your partner a priority, rather than an option.

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