Are You In Love With A “Difficult” Woman? Here Are 8 Brutal Truths About “Difficult” Women

So, you are dating a difficult woman, congrats! Sure, she’s difficult, but there is a good reason for it. Before, we delve into more details let’s make one thing clear: some women are just difficult. They simply won’t do what you want, and when you want them to do. They won’t watch football with you. They will give you excuses not to go on a dinner date with you. They won't cook you dinner. They don't like having sex with you after a wedding. Why? Is it her problem? No, that’s for sure?

Below are eight brutal truths about being in a relationship with a difficult woman. But, guess what it might also be the best dating decision of your life!

1. She will give you blowjobs when she wants it to give it to you.  So, keep that in mind, when you push her head down. Otherwise, it is likely she will bite your dick off.

2. When it comes to decision making, it is all about her needs. This is mainly what she wants to eat and wear. Yes, you want her to wear that black leather miniskirt you liked, but it’s freezing out there. So, she decided to wear a sweater or that red cashmere turtleneck with shoulder pads that she bought herself. Because she knows that you didn’t take care of her the last time she got a cold. So, she won’t take that risk again.

3. She is a power-hungry woman. Why? Because she earns more than you and also pays for most dinner dates. And, you know very well that you won’t be dating her if she didn’t.

4. Her friends don't like you. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you at all. Sure, they won’t like you because all of her friends are like her – difficult.

5. She wants you to express your thoughts and feelings more than she does to you. Yes, you heard it right. And this is by far one of the biggest challenges about loving a difficult woman.

6. She likes to sleep solo. This happens when she finds you super drunk, and she thinks you will piss in the bed. Yes, this might make you think that she is a selfish bitch, but that’s how difficult ladies are. They don’t feel sorry for your stupid and irresponsible habits, and they don’t back down. Unless you start crying. That moment they might be a little moved because they like men who become vulnerable sometimes and show their sensitive side.

7. Always make sure to return her calls when you are dating a difficult woman. For some reason you don’t call her back for three straight days, she will already think that you are dead. And when you do call her, she might let you inside her home but don’t expect to have sex with her until the next day.

8. Difficult women want their boyfriends to make them orgasm.  If you are dating a woman, who isn’t as easy like your previous girlfriends, keep in mind that when you have sex, she wants 100 percent to make her orgasm. She expects it from you. In fact, they want you to make them orgasm every single time you have sex with her. Sometimes, it’s multiple times in one night. Well, I don’t think most guys will be able to deal with it.

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