Love Isn’t Always Beautiful; It Is Hard And Ugly

Believe it or not, love isn’t always beautiful.  It’s hard and ugly. It can be frightening. We all have been told that love is beautiful and marked with sweet kisses, tender moments, and huge gestures of romance. But, couples, who have been married or are in long-term relationships admitted, love certainly isn’t beautiful. Don’t get us wrong. We all believe in love and believe it is a worthwhile venture. It makes us happier, and we can enjoy a pretty great life together. But, that won’t surprise some people to ultimately realize the fact that love isn’t beautiful, at least the real one.

You see anyone who has been married or in a relationship for several years will realize, sooner or later, that love isn’t as beautiful or picture-perfect as described. Of course, there are exceptions. But, apart from these moments, love or romance isn’t beautiful, not even close. Real love, which marriages and committed relationships are built upon, can sometimes, be ugly and imperfect. It is littered with frustrations, challenges and harsh real life obstacles. The happiness and bliss in the relationship get replaced by the hectic activities of our daily lives, and the mundane routines of the modern world become more important than spontaneous romance. We see ourselves screaming at our partners, in-laws, money, who spilled wine in the sofa, fighting with each other who will take out the trash, etc. Love is about seeing each other at their worst and most hideous moments, inside and out, and still having the guts to say, “Honey, I love you, and will always be right here beside you.”

So, why isn’t love beautiful? Here’s why:

Love isn’t beautiful because it isn’t always about gorgeous flowers, perfect gifts, stunning hair and makeup, and romantic dinners every day – well, at least, for most folks. Love isn’t always Facebook-worthy or Instagram-worthy. And it inevitably necessarily about romantic and beautiful strolls in a daisy field or the beach under the perfectly setting sun. Love is hard, it’s ugly, and it’s scary. Sometimes, love is all about the moments that you don’t want your friends or anyone else to see. It’s scarred by indecision, strife, choices, struggles, and challenges.

Love isn’t beautiful because it’s one of the most incredibly complex as well as worthwhile ventures in a human’s life. We will look for love, pursue love, want love and fall in love, despite knowing the fact, love isn’t beautiful. We still do everything imaginable for love and convert the ugly moments with the good ones, because we feel so emotionally connected with that person. We are so emotionally invested in another person; we will ignore and even make ourselves forget that love isn’t always beautiful, and sometimes, trade it for a bleak and arduous version of it. In spite of, all the craziness, ugliness, and fears love brings, we still somehow manage to smile and to figure out the beauty in it, even at the worst times. That’s how powerful, and influencing love is.

When you’re looking for love, remember that love isn’t always beautiful, and by accepting this reality we can locate the true depth of love, its true meaning and appreciate the experience better.

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