Are You In Love? This Is What “I Love You” Means To Him or Her

When it comes to dating and relationships, these three words, “I love you,” holds a lot of significance, but it’s also a phrase that’s being thrown out a lot. Most couples tell that merely because they’re in a relationship, their partners should just know that their girlfriends or boyfriends love them. But unfortunately, it’s not that simple. This might sound a little surprising that we need to show our significant others – verbally and non-verbally – that we love them. It doesn't matter how long you both have been in a relationship, you both have to show one another that you love them.

When we are in committed relationship, we can all get susceptible in misinterpreting our partner’s actions, giving it a story or context, and responding accordingly. This is particularly evident when arguments can apparently originate from something silly or insignificant. If it happens, then there may be something deeper in question.

So, how can you show your partner that you love them? Do I matter to you? Do you really love me? Let’s talk about an example to put this into context. Say, Mary cooks dinner for John every night. John says that he really appreciates Mary cooks him dinner every night. It feels nice but doesn’t make me feel loved, desired or valued. Meanwhile, Mary tells she feel loved when her partner says what he appreciates about me, and when he admires my qualities. Mary also says that when he does that her heart filled with love and she can feel it. Many couples often complain that they do so much for each other, but it’s never good enough! To them, I would like to say it’s possible that you’re giving all the love you can to your partner, but it’s not reaching them the place it needs for them to feel it.

Keep in mind that we often give what we want to get. For instance, maybe you love receiving gifts from your spouse, so it’s okay; you come home with perfumes, chocolates, flowers, etc. for him or her. Sure, they’ll be much appreciated, but it doesn’t necessarily mean “I love you” to everyone. The reason is simple as it might not be their “love language.”

Here are five proven ways that a person feels loved:

1. Acts Of Service
Making the bed, cooking, helping around the house with chores, picking up dry cleaning, and other things that make her life easier.

2. Physical Touch
This includes holding hands, hugging, kissing, cuddling, etc.

3. Spending Quality Time
Spending quality time may hold a different meaning for different people. So, make sure to clear that up with your partner. In general sense, it means sitting together, alone, and talking with each other.

4. Gifts
Buying thoughtful gifts around birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, buying clothes, flowers, necklaces, etc. for your partner could be options.

5. Verbal
When you’re in a romantic relationship, telling your significant other what you appreciate and admire about them is imperative. Again, this too can mean different things to different folks. So, remember to clarify. Some people are appreciative if their partners complimented how they look, some like to hear what they do or appreciate about who they are inside, etc.

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