Are You In Love With A Misogynistic Man?

Misogynistic attitudes disregard women. Sometimes it can tough to spot quickly a man who is misogynistic and his misogynistic attitudes to his girlfriends and other women around him. A misogynist man doesn’t consider women to be whole, soul-centered individuals. They’re objectified as mere sexual objects who solely exist to pleasure men, and all too often by force.

Most men aren’t misogynists. They’re good-hearted and respectful. They honor women, respect their feelings and anxiety and treat them with respect. However, there will always be men with ill motives. So, it’s imperative that you spot them effectively before getting serious with them.

Here are some tips women can use recognize misogyny in the men that they’re dating:

He Doesn't Take As A Whole Individual
Never date or spend time with men who don’t view you as a whole person. This also includes when you’re interacting with men in-person or in social media. What’s the point of going to a party or a bar to meet someone, where you’ve to ditch your identity and personality so that you can live up to a particular persona? Only show up in events based on an interest and among friends, where the focus isn’t only on sleeping with someone else. While meeting men make sure that they aren’t there just to meet women, instead of looking for someone for a relationship.

He Only Comments On Other's Physical Appearance
Openly commenting about women's looks, shapes, sexual appeal is indications of misogynistic views. Sometimes the above comments can appear as complements, too. But, compliments are judgments too, and people who consistently complement on other's physical appearance are judgmental.

He Shares His Opinion On Your Looks
Most of the time we see men sharing their views about women are mostly about physical appearance. We only hear comments like this girl is “fat” or “hot.” How many times have you heard comments like these about guys? Opinions from our peers are making young women more vulnerable to misogyny as most of them naturally want to be viewed by men and people around us as beautiful and desirable. What’s ironic is that girls often look to their male peers to get an opinion about their beauty, which is at most times tend to be very vocal and judgmental. This kind of false disposition only reinforces the stereotypical notion that a woman's worth can only be defined by her physical attributes. Girls desire to feel beautiful, not objectified.

He Wants You To Be Submissive And Shuts You Down When You Speak Up
You can only beget respect by respecting yourself. Make a stand against misogyny by speaking up your mind. Stand up to anyone who would objectify you. Don’t be afraid the man you’re dating or in a relationship with wants you to be submissive and shuts you down when you speak up. Don’t make yourself to appear vulnerable with people you can’t trust. If he assumes that you don't have the confidence to stand up for yourself, then prove him wrong by training yourself in confidence and assertiveness so you can rely on it when needed. It's acceptable and perfectly normal to feel afraid, but showing it will make you more vulnerable to his advances. Remember misogynistic men can’t fight, they want submission and to instill fear.

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