Does Love In A Romantic Relationship Change Significantly As We Grow Up?

If you have been dating for a while, there is a possibility that the romance in your relationship will change dramatically as the relationship matures. It doesn’t matter if you have been dating or in a committed relationship with your girlfriend for three months or three years, the romance and compassion between the two of you will change.

Some couples witness change fast, while others face it gradually. Either way, changes in the relationship is inevitable. First, it's the desire for passion, sex, and adoration that will witness the change. Mostly, it's something that happens to you. Either you are young or damaged or both. Love is something people crave for. Love is something people seek. Love is something you swipe for. Because when you find true love, it will make your feel fulfilled, whole and safe.

But, love can also give you pain. Love can hurt you, often. Love can make you angry, upset, frustrated resentful, and will compel you to turn away from people that you care for easily. Because can’t make you play, act or feel the way you want. This was the definition you had about love. Then, something happens. You lose something. You lose someone. Your heart fills up with regret and pain. You suddenly understand that words can be more hurtful than a wound. Heartbreak is physical pain. Breakups are more hurtful than bullets piercing through your body. And there is only one way to heal. It’s time. And more time. If you are fortunate enough you can ask your friend for support. You can also find a mirror and take a sincere look at yourself. You start to see your judgments, anger, tantrums, ultimatums, and the trust you shredded apart. You start to realize that the love you have been chasing all along has been with you the whole time. Love was all yours. It belonged to you, and you were supposed to give it to your partner.

Well, maybe you do.  Love starts with you. If you don’t care and love yourself, how can you give that love to someone else? So, start to learn how to love yourself.  The older you get, the more mature and wiser you become. You begin to realize that the most sacred act when it comes to loving someone is to be kind, be gentle, being compassionate with yourself and the desire to feel fulfilled with what you currently have. The more you give love such as by helping an old lady with her shopping bags, smiling at strangers, giving gifts to someone who has done wrong to you in the past,  or simply giving someone you care a hug can make your heart to grow fonder.

You will realize love is your power. You can use love to harden or soften you. You can be the breaker, or you can be the one, who is willing to break. But, if you believe in love, you will choose to exposed and vulnerable.  It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or looking for a relationship, alone or coupled, you are whole, and you are loved. You are loved despite all the negativity.

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