Love Triangles And Their Confusing Complications

Undoubtedly love triangles are complicated affairs. Have you fallen for a person who is already in love with somebody else? Or are you falling for another person when you already are in love with someone else at the same time? Well, this is what we call a perfect love triangle.

So what should you do now? How to stick to one and leave the other? How to make one stay and get the other one out of your mind and life?

A love triangle is a complicated scenario where more than two people are involved. When love is shared mutually between two people, then it is simple and easy, but when the third person gets into the picture, everything topples upside down. In comes the frustration along with intense bitterness.

Types of Love Triangle

There are two primary types of a love triangle:

  • The first one is the one for whom two people strive for achieving affection of one person.
  • The second one is the one to whom you are attracted and falling at the same time while you are already in love with someone.

How would you find out that it’s a love triangle?

If you have a perfect relationship with your partner and a friend tells you that he/she is in love with you then that does not make a love triangle. It is just a crush. Similarly, if you start having the crush on a person who is already in a relationship, then this again is a mere crush.

A love triangle begins when there comes reciprocation. If you are already in a relationship and start showing interest in another person who reciprocates your interest and love, then this is the point where the perfect love triangle recipe starts getting prepared.

It is only due to reciprocation that the motive is pursued. Moreover, love triangle never takes place due to only one person. Two people are involved in creating it where the third one is the main sufferer for no fault at all.

 Love triangles always affect relationships negatively

If you try to steal a person who is already in an unhappy relationship, then it is quite easy. But what if you try to steal an individual who is happy in his/her relationship? They will never be willing to leave their partner. You may be able to get hold of a few of the moments of love and happiness, but nothing more is going to come your way.

Love Triangles are painfully fun

The love triangle is fun for the third person and the cheating partner as it is risky and exciting. But for the partner, it is miserable as you detach yourself from them both emotionally and physically. But after some time when the fun starts to fade away with the third partner, and you start realizing that you still love your partner then it brings only pain.

Love triangles are selfish

If your partner does the same what you are doing to him/her, then what is going to be your reaction? What would you do if your partner behaves the same as you do or use the same flirty wordings that you do? Now if it bothers you, then this is very unfair, and you are acting selfishly.

So, if you are experiencing a love triangle, then it does not make you a bad person. It is something that is humanly possible to happen with anyone.

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