Love Vs. Infatuation

Well, well!! Found that dear one who makes your heart skip the beat? Smelling the signs of attraction and falling for that one person? But wait what it is? Crush, an infatuation or love? Many misunderstood the concepts and their feelings as well which leads them to the major disappointments.

Love is when you truly and genuinely care about the person. You are willing to stand by them through every thick and thin. No matter what it takes or what are the conditions you are there to support them? You can never see them fall apart and always want them to flourish and grow towards the betterment.

When we talk about infatuation, it is nothing more than the goose bumps and the day dreaming. No doubt you are attracted to each other severely, but the depth of the feelings you share needs to be reassessed. If you are infatuated with someone, then you well be blind to everything else around you and you be revolving around that person with that silly smile on your face.

Reconsider the feelings you bear for that one person and assess it by the following simple points which draw a borderline between love and infatuation.

  • Love takes the time to develop. It grows gradually whereas infatuation is a very spontaneously feeling. It takes no time at all.
  • Love lasts for long. It becomes deeper and stronger with the passage of time. Infatuation no doubt gives a very strong feeling but its lasts for a very short period.
  • Love accepts the person with its imperfections that are as a whole. But when we talk about the infatuation, it only recognizes the perfections. Moreover, it only prefers showing the best parts to each other and hiding the flaws and shortcomings.
  • Love boosts up your morale and energies. Infatuations just drain it out
  • Love is more than a mere physical attraction. Infatuation calls on for being physical.
  • Love helps to survive the arguments and considers forgiving each other. Infatuation, on the other hand, is unable to handle the disputes and coping with the serious situations like this.
  • Love recognizes the one you love. Their happiness is always kept on priority. Talking about infatuation, it makes a person only to think about oneself. Own happiness and own desires.

There is nothing wrong with the relationship based on infatuation as long as you know that what this relationship is really about. What I believe that there can never be “love at first sight.” It should be called as “infatuation at first sight” which is undoubtedly very thrilling but with a very short life.

Infatuation wants you to stay connected to someone which you get over sooner, but love is a strong bonding which becomes more powerful with the passage of time. So do not get yourself wrong and take a step back to get a big clear picture of the situation you are currently into. It requires the maturity to face the unpleasant, but it is necessary for the beginning and the survival of a healthy love life.


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