Love Vs. Being In Love

Love or Being in Love! What is the difference? A question for all ages and it surely needs to be answered thoroughly. And not knowing the difference can create massive confusions and heartaches. So to be in a healthy and happy relationship you need to firstly clear up your mind, extensive understanding of what and how you feel and what you want?

Loving someone is all about your sincerity care and loyalty that make you stick together to struggle through all the ups and downs that come in the way. As far as being in love is concerned, it is a rush, doing foolish things and being insensitive about the thing you used to care for.

Let us look into the following differences to make people realize the differences between the two so they become capable of evaluating themselves and their feelings, as the lack of self-awareness will totally disable or crush down your ability to create stable relations.

So, “Love” and “In Love,” how can you analyze the difference?

Loving someone requires commitment while being in love is a compulsion

You love your grandparents, you are a pizza lover or one can say you are a chocoholic but this does not mean that these are the first ones to come to your mind when you wake up in the morning or not even always on your mind all day. Moreover what I believe that everything that you claim to love simply can be a bit random and you may move on to something different if you are not seriously or crazily in love with that thing.

On the other hand being in love is like being a bit drunk. You are under a complete spell, and there is nothing else you can think or care about.  It is the feeling that is something out of this world.

The person you love will be your priority while the person you are in love with would be your TOP concern

When you love someone, you always want the best for their lives. You are there for them during their needy time periods. You always wish and hope that everything in their lives goes smooth.

When you are in love, they become your top priority. You would always be ready to go to any extent to do anything for them. When you are in love, suddenly their everything becomes more important to you than your owns.

Loving someone, you willingly accept their imperfections while in love they seem flawless

When you are in love with anyone, it completely makes you blind. Everything looks so perfect about them. Though later on, it might hit you, at present all seems flawless.

When you love someone, every flaw, and every mistake becomes loud and clear. Such flaws then irritate you then. Obviously, in the case of your partner, you just can’t throw them out. You accept their flaws as you love them.

Love is logical whereas in love is senseless

We love or families because they relate to us. We love our pets because of their loyalty. We love are friends for being so much supportive and fun loving. So here one can say that love is predictable and logical.

While being in love is totally random, like the way she smiled at you or him being showing up at the right moment for you. So being in love is totally random, it’s like magic that cast its spell anywhere and at any time.

To love, there is a limit. But when we talk about being in love then we are ready to do anything. So, explore your inner self first, what’s your relationship is like? If the spark is missing for the way too extended period, then consider thinking about what you want.

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