Lusting For Someone Too Much? Read This To Find Out!

Let’s be honest; it’s the sexual attraction in romantic relationships that brings two people together. But, sometimes, the lust you’ve for someone might be too much which can be unhealthy and can wreck your relationship in the long run, if you’re not careful. Lusting after someone uncontrollably is usually an indication that the relationship will end miserably or the love will fizzle out soon.

Here are some signs below, go through them and ask yourself if you’ve been in a situation in the past, or if you are dealing with any of these feelings now.

1. Let’s admit it, when you’re dating someone most of your thoughts and feelings, you have about her or him are physical or sexual in nature. There is nothing wrong and what are you feeling or fantasizing about the new flame in your life is perfectly natural and healthy. And most of these thoughts are about sex. But, sometimes for men and women, who developed unhealthy lust, know exactly there can be some negative complications when the lust is too much. It’s a warning sign that the relationship won’t last.

2. If you need to have sex with him or her after every single date, it’s a clear indication that your lust is somewhat out of control. When you’re dating someone, there are moments when it’s sensible to spend intimate time together at his or home. Sometimes, there is simply no time or space for it. Sure, you both went to the movies and had a great dinner date, but then one of you have to do something else which makes it almost impossible for you to be physically intimate with each other.

But, for men and women, who developed unhealthy lust, a date without sex isn’t good enough. They need sex immediately, and when that’s not possible, they get extremely disappointed and frustrated. This isn’t healthy in a romantic relationship, and it’s highly likely that the relationship won’t survive in the coming days and there is an excessive emphasis on the physical aspect of the relationship.

3. Being emotionally or intellectually connected with your partner is more important than a physical connection. It’s perfectly okay if the man or the woman you’re dating provokes sexual desire in you, and there is a real emotional connection to it. In other words, it means that you also like sitting and talking with them, you feel comfortable spending time with them, and you like the things they have to say and talk about. But, many times in dating, you can come across someone who will ignite a sexual spark in you and the connection that you feel is more sexual than emotional. If that happens, be prepared for a breakup.

4. There is a chance that your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t as sexually attracted to you like the way you feel to them. It’s a well-known assumption that two people in a loving relationship will never be equally sexually attracted to each other, but there will always be exceptions. If you’re extremely sexually attracted to your partner, but realized or convinced that they don’t feel the same like you that is a sign that you feel unhealthy lust.

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