Lying To Her Can Actually Save Your Relationship

Despite, honesty being the cornerstone of a healthy relationship, telling little white lies can actually be good for your relationship. We understand that lying is an automatic deal breaker for many people looking for a partner, but should it be? Is there any possibility that relationships sometimes need small doses of dishonesty to thrive?

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, sometimes we need to think of the greater good. Love is the greater good. We need to tell lies to our boyfriends or girlfriends for the greater good. Lies are essential to a partnership. So, if you want to experience love and be happy in your relationship, then you better be prepared to tell some lies from time to time and to believe some lies. But, just lying blatantly won’t make your relationship better. You should know what kind of lies are okay, and which lies can be toxic to a romantic relationship?

While Lies And Bigger Lies
Small white lies, such as, “you’re not disturbing me,” or “you look sexy in that dress,” or “I don’t think you put on any weight,” etc. are usually considered to be important. After all, you don’t want to hurt your significant other’s feelings and create unwanted hostility and resentment between the two of you. These white lies are called ‘compassionate offerings’ and often acknowledged to keep relationships healthy and thriving. On the other hand, bigger or toxic lies can be harmful. You’re telling a big lie to your spouse by telling her that you were working late when you were actually having a hot time with a colleague. This types of lies fall into a whole different category, and it isn’t that hard to tell the difference.

The Sin Of Omission
There is a variant on white lies called the “sin of omission.” This is basically when you neglect to tell your partner something that might create some tension in the relationship if it gets exposed. For example; you not telling your current girlfriend or wife that you ran into your ex-lover and later having an innocent cup of coffee together. Like white lies, lies of omission can sometimes be useful in maintaining the peace in a relationship. A recent study by Texas Woman’s University reported that white lies and lies of omission are common in relationships and most people preferred to lie than be lied to. So, for a moment it might seem like a good idea to you to deceive your partner, keep in mind that they won’t feel good as much as you did while telling a lie, when and if the truth gets exposed. Moreover, the study also revealed that more lies equated with less happiness. So be careful, if you’re someone who is habituated in telling lies to your partner, be careful.

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth
Most people think telling lies becomes an obligation when you’re in a relationship or married. Because being completely honest and always speaking the truth can actually be destructive to a relationship. It’s true you feel better, but your significant won’t. Words have power; so, it is for the best you use them sparsely. Besides, a little mystery can do wonders for a relationship.

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