Lysto Spray Review: Can This Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Men everywhere struggle with sexual issues like erectile dysfunction. These issues are especially prominent in men over the age of forty. As men age, their testosterone levels begin to decline and lead to various forms of sexual dysfunction. These issues become so problematic that older men lose their sex drive altogether. Is there anything that men can do to resolve erectile dysfunction? They can take prescription medications like Viagra, but those come with dangerous side effects. It turns out there are male enhancement products on the market that can help resolve erectile dysfunction

What is Lysto Spray?

Lysto Spray is an oral spray that promises to resolve erectile dysfunction and other issues with sexual performance. The chemicals in Lysto Spray claim to dilate blood vessels in the penis, leading to larger, longer-lasting erections.


  • Increases size of erections
  • Reduces premature ejaculation
  • Boosts libido
  • Resolves erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

How Does it Work?

Lysto Spray uses the chemical sildenafil to dilate blood vessels. Dilating the blood vessels in the penis leads to larger, longer-lasting erections. This helps to resolve erectile dysfunction and improve sexual performance. It uses the oral spray form to produce faster results than a tablet form would.


  • Sildenafil: Dilates blood vessels

How to Use Lysto Spray

Using this spray is simple. About 30 minutes before sexual activity, apply two sprays of Lysto Spray under the tongue. It is important to spray no more than two sprays and to only use once daily. Using too much of the spray can result in adverse side effects. Side effects range from mild, like headaches and nausea, to more severe like chest pain and difficulty breathing.

Should You Try It?

Lysto Spray seems to be a quick and simple fix for a nuisance that many men suffer from. However, there are a lot of things about the product that concern us. First of all, there are no reliable customer reviews about Lysto Spray. This gives us no insight as to whether it works or not. Another concern is that Lysto Spray does come with side effects that could potentially be dangerous is the spray is misused. So even though this product seems like a miracle solution, we're not sure it's worth the risk.

How to Get Lysto Spray

Lysto Spray is available online through the manufacturer's website. They are not offering any free trials of the product, but it's available for purchase at a cost of $139 a 20mL bottle. To purchase a bottle of the spray, you need to email your address to the manufacturer's and you'll then be able to pay for the product with a credit card or through PayPal.

Viagra Spray

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