The Main Reasons People Fall Out of Love

Love is a beautiful thing and a powerful emotional feeling until it fades away. There are lots of relationship killers, and they can be anything from laziness to unwarranted criticism. Meanwhile, trust, attention, commitment, communication, and creativity make your love stronger and the relationship long-lasting. Just making sure how he or she means how much to you, and telling and showing him or her that is enough to make a lasting impression.

Here are some main reasons why people lose their love and in the process their relationships:

Good communication is the key to for a loving relationship. When two people in a relationship stop communicating and don’t express their wants and feelings, problems start to pile up and go unresolved. If this keeps on going for too long, it’s a matter of time before the relationship gets dissolved.

When two people in a relationship took each other for granted, we can easily tell that their love is unconditional and their consequently they get lazy with each other. They don’t put much effort and work into their relationship like they did when they started dating. When dedication, kindness, and respect disappear, so does the love.

They failed to meet each other’s expectations. During the initial dating stages, it’s easy to compromise with your partner’s needs and expectations. Over time, couples often focus on themselves more and pay less attention to their partner’s expectations, especially if those expectations don’t match with each other.

One of the partners' has found something new about his or her partner. Betrayal in a relationship can create whole new impression someone has about their spouses. Finding out that your partner has cheated on you, concealed a secret, and behaved with you in an unexpected way, can do irreversible damage to the relationship. But when he or she is overly jealous and doesn’t trust you, then there 6 little chance this relationship can move forward.

As individuals in a relationship gets to know each other over the course of the relationship, and the initial sparks die, they begin to learn that he/she are incompatible with each other. They discover that their priorities, opinions, lifestyle and values don’t align.

If the fire in the relationship extinguishes, both people in a relationship becomes exhausted. Boredom sets in and committing to the relationship becomes harder to handle.

There is no real love in the relationship, to begin with in the first place. Lust was disguised as love, and when the honeymoon phase is done, the relationship can become empty and meaningless.

A major life changing incident in a relationship can significantly alter the direction of a relationship. May she have become a mother and he no longer thinks her as her lover, but a mom. He got fired from work and depressed and refused to acknowledge her support. Instead, of facing the all the challenges of life together, some couple crumble under the hardships and pressures of uncertainty or the unknown.

Love—sometimes it fails to last a lifetime. Love and relationship are built on solid foundations. If a relationship started poorly, or a product of an affair or things went too fast, lacked trust and commitment, and not rooted enough to withstand hardships or the test of time, it’s bound to fail.

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