Make Sure You’re Happy in Order to Make Your Man Happy

Women are naturally on the giving side, which means they’re a nurturing and feminine. Women assume if they give to men, it will make them happy. And so far, the more we give, the more we get in return. But, at some point in the relationship, we realize that we have given so much unknowingly that we stop giving to ourselves. When this situation arrives, giving can actually backfire and can make us less attractive in a man’s eyes and can make him unhappy. In turn, we too become sad.

This is how you can find out:

In every relationship, there is a healthy balance of giving and taking. However, sometimes we go to extra lengths to show our better halves how much we care and how much we need him. We inadvertently give to men more at the expense of own needs. For instance, we might comply with a plan or go to a party, even if we don’t like or don’t want to go. We have neglected our desires just to make our husbands and boyfriends happy. We had focused on doing the things for him, that we had neglected or let go of the things we liked or loved to do before we started the relationship. Some of us will also “take care” of things for them just to impress him or make us look easy-going to them.

But if we keep doing this, what happens is the eventually we have prevented him from taking the initiative to work or communicate with us. And over time, we begin to become resentful. We start to lose the love and passion we had for them without even knowing it, and this creates a distance in the relationship.

If you want to feel secure, loved and happy, take care of yourself, focus on yourself and cherish the happy moments in your life. The golden rule to make a good man happy is to make ourselves happy and joyous. Moreover, men like if you told them you are happy and feeling good about yourself. Therefore, expect your partner you’re in a relationship with will do his best to make you happy, without asking him to make you, and don’t forget to tell him if he makes you feel happy and comfortable. This may look seemingly simple, and it really is! But when a couple is in a relationship for a long time, they simply forget to appreciate each other more often, when it’s advised they express it more.

If your husband of boyfriend does something that made you smile, happy and comfortable and pleased you in some way, make sure to tell him. Also tell him that you are happy just being with him. If your man wants you to take you somewhere, but can’t afford it or for some other reason, tell him lovingly that you don’t want him to take you anywhere to make you happy.

Real men love to make their women happy. No doubt. A good man like to shower you with gifts, take you out, remains honest and faithful to you and appreciates for all the things you do for the relationship. They like to be happy when they can feel that you’re feeling happy being with them. They feel confident as men, which makes them happy and content with their relationships. So don’t make it harder for them to make you happy!

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