What Makes A Woman “Boring” To Men? Read On To Find Out!

Relationships aren’t all about sex. It’s the companionship that makes relationships so yearning to people. And it will only work if your boyfriend or girlfriend is exciting and spontaneous. If you’re a boring person, relationships won’t work out for you. We all have more or less experience here; you’re on a date, and you both have nothing to talk about. Both of you keep staring at your phones, the menu, the wine glass, etc. And finally, when you speak, you can say nothing at all.

Most men have a solid feeling about what makes women boring, and when he figures that out, he won’t pursue her, unless she tries to bring something interesting to bring to the table. Below are some points that make women boring, according to guys themselves.

1. She Doesn't Like To Try New Things
Ladies, when you’re dating or looking for a relationship, it’s important that you discover, learn and experience life. Learn something no matter how trivial or petty it seems. Get out of your comfort zone and do something out of your everyday routine. If you don’t, you will bore them fast. Men like women with an open mind, wants to challenge herself, discover new things, and try them intellectually, socially, culturally, and sexually.

2. She Doesn't Listen
Romantic relationships are all about give and take. If your man listens to everything you say, he’ll find you boring as you never actually listen or allow him to talk or vent about his feelings. And when the man speaks, he finds her glued to her phone. Not that makes a woman super annoying and boring, too?

3. She Doesn't Want To Have Sex On The First Date
This one is a personal preference thing, but some men think that a woman is boring who is attracted to a man but won't have sex with them on a first date. It’s not that they won’t have sex with them; it’s the waiting the makes men bore.

4. She Only Wants To Spend Time With Me
Love it or hate it, a woman who is in a relationship and always doing the traditional couple things can sometimes make them incredibly boring to their partners. Men like women who want to spend time with other people besides their boyfriends, and always has something exciting and interesting going on.

5. She Copies My Personality
This is another boring female thing. These women will take on your personality and copy interests and things you like. They believe that you’ll love them more if they have the same personality and interests. Not to men, unfortunately. They want to date someone different, not themselves.

6. She keeps talking about herself.
A woman who keeps talking about herself for 40 minutes on a date is not only a big turnoff for men, it’s incredibly annoying, too. She has no real stories to tell other than her family, friends, work, siblings, memories, etc. What’s more boring is that there’s nothing unique about her, and most of her conversations are negative, and she seems to complain about everything.

7. She Doesn't Have Hobbies Or Activities Of Her Own
A man will feel incredibly bored about his relationship when he becomes his girlfriend’s hobby. Some guys might dig this about their partners, but not having any interests or hobbies other than your partner will become stale very fast. It's passionate and interested about different in life that a person tremendously interesting and fun to be with, especially if he or she is in a romantic relationship.

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