Male Misconceptions: Do Women Wear Makeup To Impress Men?

When it comes to men and women, both sexes have a lot of misconceptions about one another. A common misconception that men have is that women wear makeup to impress them or get their attention. We'd like to take this idea and toss it aside because guys, it's so not true. There are several reasons women wear makeup, but you're not one of them. So what is the real reason?

While there may be some women out there who wear makeup to impress men or get the attention of a man, the vast majority of women don't wear makeup for this reason. Trust us on this one. When a woman is looking at makeup, purchasing makeup or applying her makeup, she's not thinking about impressing any man. There are a few reasons that women actually wear makeup. The primary reason? They like it. It's that simple. Women like to wear makeup. There's a euphoric rush when you open up a brand new eyeshadow palette or twist up a virgin lipstick. Makeup is interest, enjoyable, and fun to put on! What's not to like?

Another reason that women wear makeup is to express themselves. Makeup can be looked at as a form of art and self expression. The way you do your makeup can reflect who you are or how you're feeling. Just like how your clothes are a reflection of how you are, your makeup is part of that. It is part of your aesthetic and your style.

The final reason that women wear makeup is because it makes them feel good. While we're not saying that women need makeup to look good, makeup does enhance your natural beauty. It can accentuate the features that you're proud of and downplay ones you may be insecure about. Just like the perfect pair of pants or a great haircut, makeup can give you a major boost of confidence.

do women wear makeup to impress men

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