Man’s Best Friend: 4 Ways Having A Dog Can Help Your Dating Game

Dating Game

Is your dating game awful? Are you having trouble attracting women? We hate to tell you, but you might need something a little more than your good looks and charm to entice a lady. They say that women flock to men with babies, but women also flock to men with pets! Now, we don't mean just any pet. Walking around with a snake may not attract a lot of women. What we're talking about is dogs! Not only are dogs “man's best friend” – they're also total “chick magnets”. Check out four ways having a dog can improve your dating game:

1. It shows you're compassionate.

Someone who shares their life with an animal is automatically a compassionate person. Animals aren't always easy to deal with. They require a lot of time and patience. Having a dog shows that you can care about something other than yourself. This is especially true if your dog is a rescue dog. It shows that you care about animal welfare and that you wanted to give an animal a good life.

2. It shows you're responsible.

Caring for an animal isn't easy, so having a dog shows that you're a responsible person. This helps your dating game because it shows that you can take care of something and have major responsibilities.

3. It could be common ground.

Having a dog helps your dating game because it creates common ground for you and potential partners. Other dog people will have a reason to approach you and a subject to talk about. It also gives you more places to go to meet people, like dog parks or pet stores.

4. Women just love pets.

This is just a fact. Women love pets and are automatically more attracted to men who have pets. Having a dog with you makes you ten times more attractive and will draw women straight to you like a magnet.

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