Marriage Help For Men – Train Yourself To Hear What Women Are Not Telling You

When looking for marriage help for men, understanding the woman is probably the most important thing in the world. It is a common rule to complain about women and the fact that they cannot be understood. But if you think about it, your past relationships have taught you a valuable lesson – women are easy to read and not so complicated to get along with. Before moving on with your marriage, learn to get over the misconceptions caused by movies or the media. These things will only add to your frustration and limit your personal expansion. All in all, the relationship between men and women is mostly based on an exercise – rational versus emotional.

This is pretty much everything in the communication between a man and a woman. Keep it in mind when analyzing love advice for men. All it takes is paying attention. When a man talks to another man, they describe facts, things and events. They are rational. They explain things as they happened. On the other hand, women focus on a completely different thing. They talk through feelings and emotions. Therefore, communication may sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. You try to be rational and realistic, while your partner runs around emotions and ignores the obvious.

Ask a man and a woman about the exact same problem and you will get two completely different answers. It sounds interesting, but this is what communication is about. Communication is one of the few ways to help you obtain whatever you want from a lady. This is an excellent dating advice for guys that may take some exercise though. The only challenge implies listening, yet it can be a trap. If you listen to words without pay attention to feelings, you are convicted. Practically, if you rely on words only, you two will talk different languages, so you will always ask yourself why there is no chemistry. You will keep asking yourself why you stagnate, while other men are successful.

Besides, women can instantly tell if a man feels them or not. They can figure out if a man knows the game. However, most of them are still at the word level when it comes to communication. Therefore, marriage help for men is often about this aspect.

The trick stays in training to listen to the nonverbal language – the emotional one and its energetic level. Pay attention to what she does and what she feels, rather than what she says. This ability to see beyond words represents a superpower that will bring in a lot of satisfaction overtime. Women will feel a man who actually understands them. This is a man that they can open themselves up to. They can surrender because you understand their deepest needs without them having to explain all these.

The exercise is about experimenting. Its primary goal is to take you out of the mental agitation. This relationship advice for guys will help you be more present in the interaction with a woman. Its general idea is fairly simple. Instead of thinking about the next smart line to say, just try to observe. She will practically show you what the next good line should be. It takes time and practice, but it can be definitely done.

This exercise is known as the candle. Its general idea is easy – any man can understand the secret message of communication, but not without chilling his mind and being present in the discussion. This is what makes a man irresistible and this is what you need to train on. In order to complete this exercise, you will need a candle and a chronometer. Make sure that no one will disturb you for 5 minutes. Turn the silent mode of your smartphone on. Sit down at a table and light the candle, then start the chronometer.

All you have to do is watch the candle for not less than 5 minutes. If you have ever meditated or practiced yoga before, you should have no problems. Otherwise, you might need a little ambition. Focus on nothing but the candle. Your total attention goes to it. Watch the flame. Watch through the flame. Observe its nuances and the way it dances. Stay focused for 5 minutes and the exercise is complete. You probably ask yourself how this exercise can provide marriage help for men. It sounds irrelevant, but you should congratulate yourself.

This is the simplest way to train yourself to see beyond the initial appearance. This is what a samurai does. You learn how to train your presence and attention to be here now. You live the present. You will probably realize that all kinds of thoughts will cross your mind while watching the flame. There is nothing wrong with them. Let them flow, since they are perfectly normal. With time, your presence power will exponentially grow.

It may sound hard to believe, but this is probably the best relationship advice to enhance your communication. Performing this exercise 3 times a day will provide immediate and extraordinary effects. You will see things from a different perspective when talking to a woman. You will see things that many men are unable to. You will start to get closer and closer to the pure energy of femininity.

This type of attitude will bring in compliments from women sooner or later. You will feel happier because you can finally understand the game, so the power is yours now. The exercise itself is not the most impressive one. Instead, it is quite simple and looks irrelevant, but doing it regularly will add to your mental powers.

Most men associate this type of advice with initial help for newbies. They assume that they no longer need help once they end up in a relationship. But getting in a marriage is not everything. In fact, you have to maintain it as well. You have to impress your partner day by day. Therefore, when interested in marriage help for men, remember that the secret says in your communication, so focus on this aspect.

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