Mel Gibson’s Net Worth

When you reach the age of 60 you start analyzing your life and check what you have accomplished up to this age. This can be the case of Mel Gibson who was recently awarded the title The Director of the Year at the Capri Hollywood International Film Festival for his masterpiece Hacksaw Ridge. However, as we are talking about Mel Gibson, the list of accomplishments that he has up to this age is quite long. He is a successful actor and screenwriter, but also a director, producer, and investor who has used all his knowledge and talent to make the fortune that he has now. Since his debut, Gibson played in 54 movies, directed 7 films and produced 21 credits. He also won a lot of awards during this career which made many people think “What is Mel Gibson's net worth?”.

How Rich Is Mel Gibson?

According to the experts' estimations, Mel Gibson is worth around $400 million. All this fortune was gained thanks to a long list of successful movies and other investments that the Hollywood celebrity managed to make during his career. Mel debuted in 1984 when he played in the American film “The River”. This was the first movie that showed to everyone that he is a talented actor and he has a lot of potentials to become the star he is today. Therefore, 3 years later, after his appearance in “Lethal Weapon”, the American household put their eyes on him and exploit his potential.

In the 1990s, Gibson decided to follow a different path and tried his luck in directing. This is how his first produced movie appeared which was called “The Man Without a Face”. He did not stop here and in 1995, Gibson launched “Braveheart”. This time he was not only the director but also the producer and he also played the main character. The movie had a stunning success and it brought him two Academy Awards, one of them being for the Best Picture.

Discovering how successful he can be by being a director, Gibson continued the series of successful movies. Therefore, in 2004 he directed “The Passion of the Christ”. This movie brought him both success and a lot of controversial reviews. However, this did not mean that he will stop here and so just two years later he launched the next successful movie, the “Apocalypto”. However, while many thought that this just opened Gibson's appetite for creating movies, he actually took a long hiatus period until 2016.

Last year, Mel Gibson came back with an incredible masterpiece, “Hacksaw Ridge” showing that he did not waste his time during this long pause. This movie brought him the second Academy Award nomination for the Best Director.

Therefore, considering all this long list of movies and successes, it is not hard to guess that Gibson is a wealthy celebrity. According to the movies reports, at least four of his movies brought him around $25 million each. On top of that, the “Passion of the Christ” movie brought him another $210 million of earnings. If we make a small calculation in our heads, his net worth is not so surprising.

Mel Gibson's Assets

Moreover, while many would think that when you are so rich, you must be the happiest man on Earth, the things are a bit different in Mel's case. In 2009, he divorced his wife Robyn Moore and back then, the newspapers wrote that his fortune was around $850 million. If we are to talk about his properties, they include an $11.5 million Malibu house, a 400-acre ranch in Costa Rica valued at $26.0 million and his Mago Island in Fiji with an estimated worth of $15.0 million. He also owns a $210,800 Mercedes CLS 500 car.



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