How Men Actually Fall In Love?

Contrary to popular beliefs, when it comes to falling in love, it appears that men are actually faster than women. Sure, we understand this will be difficult for most women to believe whom for so long became habituated of chasing a non-committal man, and for women who have been told men don’t like to be in committed relationships. But, it’s true, nonetheless.

Here’s how guys fall in love, according to science:

Only The Fools Rush In
According to a study published in the Journal of Social Psychology by psychologist Marissa Harrison, it’s been reported that men say, “I love you” faster than the women they’ve been dating. Marissa said that women are assumed to be emotional, so both men and women in the research presumed that women will not only fall in love with men faster, and will also say “I love you” faster. But, there weren’t any results to back it, according to psychologist Neil Lamont. He said that loving and meaningful relationships are as important to men as it is to women. But the societal norms might have dictated men to be strong, resilient and less emotional than women. But, the reality is that any average man will typically want to be in deep, meaningful, and loving relationships.”

Chemicals and Pheromones – Do They Have A Role?
When men and women fall in love, our brains are inundated with hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, norepinephrine, and phenylethylamine, commonly known as feel-good hormones. For men, it’s testosterone. It’s called “feel-good” because we feel good and relaxed when these chemicals are released in our brains. For example, we feel relaxed and euphoric after an orgasm. A man, who feel attracted to a woman and lusts after her, is usually under the influence of these powerful feel-good hormones, which are triggered by a woman’s pheromones.

Easy To Fall In Love And Easy To Fall Out, Too
It's a fact that men might fall in love faster, but they also fall out of love faster, too. Men have the tendency to get fired up for a potential partner, but at the same time, they’re more likely to check other women too, says psychologist Ingrid Collins. Men by evolution are risk-takers, so they might be the first to say, “I love you,” to the dates because they like to take risks. Revealing to your partner that you love them after being a few dates exposes your vulnerability, because no one can fully be sure whether the girl you’ve been seeing feels the same way you feel. Men have always been taught to be assertive and domineering, and they feel comfortable to taka a leap in that direction. If you’re a woman reading this just keep in mind that he’s probably going to continue to look around, and he might be infatuated with other women along the way.

Intimacy And Satisfying Each Other’s Needs
So, how can you make those sparks of love turn into something more permanent and could last a lifetime? You need a combination of factors to achieve that, and one of those important factors is great sex. When it comes to romantic relationships, sex is vital to helping people stay in love and fall out of it, too. Great sex leads to attachment and fosters intimacy, which is hugely important to a relationship. So, if you have a great sex life and continue with it, the physical and emotional attachment between you and your significant other will be much stronger, which might keep a man from looking around for another woman.

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