What Do Men Actually Think About Women Who Earn More Than Them?

When it comes to dating and relationships, this is one of the most talked about topics.  Seriously, what do guys think of women who are more successful and make more money than they do? Does it feel invigorating or emasculating? It was cute and wasn’t a big deal back. Men really loved and supported their girlfriends and wives when they were more successful and earned more than them. Men loved when their partners got that promotion. The ladies felt validated and grateful, and they loved their spouses for it.  For everyone involved, it was great. And the relationship thrived.

Then things started to change. Now, whenever something big happens to her, she becomes the one who calls her partner, gets all excited and wants to celebrate. She begins paying the bills and other household expenses because your credit card was declined. At that moment you all of a sudden realized that she's more successful than you.

Success isn’t same for every people. It doesn’t have the same effect on all individuals. It’s perfect for some people, but unsettling for others. For guys, being successful in life is like a mission. It’s like an aphrodisiac. It helps them to attract women. But, this is a cultural truth, nonetheless. Meanwhile, for women, success is difficult for them to handle in the long term. It will repel insecure and weak men in this world.

Sometimes, even the most open, confident man will also think that having a relationship with a highly successful woman is beyond his league. Of course, this isn't an absolute. In this universe, nothing is absolute including love.  Traditionally, men have been programmed to be the provider and take care of their partners and protect them. Women, on the other hand, took care of the household and the kids. When your woman starts paying the bills or picking up the tab, you have to take care of stuff you weren’t programmed to do such as clean up the apartment, take out the trash, make dinner, etc. Well, you have the option to leave the relationship. But, what good will come out it? Unless you are really looking forward to living alone in that tiny apartment with a TV.

Let’s make one thing clear; Successful women aren't going anywhere. They are multiplying rapidly, and they are here to stay. Either you accept it, or you can leave the relationship wearing your favorite cowboy shirts, wear empty shoe boxes for shoes, and cry yourself to sleep. If you don’t want to see yourself in that pathetic situation, put that frosty orange tongue back into your mouth and acknowledge the paradigm shift in your relationship or marriage. Have some respect for your manhood. Heck, she's freed you from being the sole breadwinner in the relationship. Appreciate her for playing a role her. Your partner now has the big brush on the canvas of your relationship, let her do the job. As her significant other, it's your job to add some depth and detail into it. So, hang in on there, and make your relationship better than it was before.

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