Men With Big Noses Make The Best Boyfriends And Husbands!

Wait, what? Yes, you heard that right! Some women think that men with big noses are funny, strong, have a great personality, and full of life. So, is it possible that a nose signifies something important? It might be as it’s one of the most prominent features in a man’s face. From ancient Egyptian priests to 19th century Europeans to artist Leonardo Da Vinci everyone has been documenting the importance of the nose.

So, to all those single ladies, should your new boyfriend have a large nose? Here are some tips why guys with relatively large noses make the best boyfriend and husbands.

Men With Big Noses Are More Muscular
If you happen to be a big man, you’re most likely to have a more prominent nose. Your nose is big so that it can support your body better. Guys have larger noses than women because they need more oxygen to maintain their muscular bodies. So, if your man’s body consists of a six-pack and killer biceps, you can thank his big honker of his!

Men With Big Noses Are Said To Be Wise And Powerful
Ancient Egyptian priests believed that if someone has big noses, they’re considered to be incredibly intelligent. Meanwhile, the ancient Greeks and Romans thought that a big, long nose is equated with more power and strength. And we all know most women have a weakness towards men blessed with intelligence and power. So, ladies if you want to see these qualities in your new partner, then date guys with big noses.

Men With Big Noses Have Better Luck With Money
Chinese face reading, also known as physiognomy, reveal that a person who has a big nose has better luck with money. It means that men who have big noses are expected to become wealthier as they grow older. Besides the big noses equals to big wallets assumptions, UK researchers have reported that people with a Roman nose, wide-set eyes, and flared nostrils are some of the most distinct features of successful people. We understand wealth isn’t any significant factor to be in a healthy, long-term relationship, but in life, it certainly doesn't hurt to be wealthy.

Men With Big Noses Don’t Get Sick As Often
It appears that a big nose protects against bacteria, allergies, and infections better. Researchers at the University of Iowa have concluded that people with big noses tend to inhale almost 7 percent fewer pollutants than people with small or normal-sized noses. So, if your man has a big nose rejoice as he will get less sick than other people.

Men With Big Noses Have A Crazy Sex Drive
Sex is important when it comes to romantic relationships, and it’s being said that guys with big noses have great libido than guys with smaller ones. Though there is proof that a larger nose means a big package, (aka bigger penis), big noses are undoubtedly linked to higher levels testosterone and virility. This study was published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. After all, size does matter, at least, to some extent in relationships. So, Manliness and a high sex drive? Now, what kind of lady will turn that away?

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