What Men Look For In A Woman According To Their Ages

What men like to see in a woman changes as they age. As men get older and mentally much mature they feel attracted to things that they didn’t feel attracted to before. For example, you might have liked the idea of dating Goth girls while in college, but might find the idea pretty cringing. But, this is perfectly reasonable, and it’s an indication that you are matured. Also, men tend to have their tastes in women evolve, too. As men grow older, they opt for more personal qualities in women. Women, on the other hand, when they grow older, prefer to have relationships with men who are highly focused on their careers and families.

Here’s what guys look for in a woman in their 20s, their 30s, and their 40s.

What Men Look For In A Woman In Their 20s

Most guys who are in their 20s don’t really know what they want in their relationship. Most men in this age bracket have only one thing in their mind, and that is to date a woman based on her physical appearance and looks. It’s not surprising to see guys turning down some amazing, quality women simply for the reason that they aren’t smoking hot or hair color or for not having the right waist size. The main reason here for this kind of behavior is that guys at this age range tend to be players. They don’t not even the slightest intention to be in a serious or a committed relationship. Also, most guys at this can’t even know or understand themselves fully and what they want. They also have a difficult time figuring out what women want and need. They are also insanely insecure at this stage because they have been rejected many times as they don’t have much to offer. There seems to be a disconnection when it comes to what guys want to see in a woman and what it like to be in a healthy relationship.

What Men Look For In A Woman In Their 30s

A lot of things tend to change what men really look for in a woman in their 30s. During this age, men don’t want to sleep with every new girl they have met. It’s because they feel more confident than they were in their 20s and are bored with the dating scene. Also, they also don’t want to think themselves being shallow rewarding or something to be proud of. Men in their 30s realize that all the hot and cool stuff they have collected from making a living doesn’t feel worthy enough if they can’t share it, someone, they really care and love. This is the time men start looking for companionship. They want to be in a committed relationship with someone for the long-term. They start thinking of getting married, having kids, saving for retirement and so on.

What Men Look For In A Woman In Their 40s

By this time, men who are still single or looking for relationships, have some major issues dealing with the ladies. At this age, it’s also common to see divorced men. Almost all men in this age category begin to really emphasize the importance of a having a woman who is relationship-minded in their lives. Many men who are in their 40s will also start to reiterate a woman’s career more than ever.

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