What Men Really Mean When They Say…

What men say and what women say are different when it comes to expressing his or her emotions and thoughts in relationships. Sometimes, what we say and what we really mean can leave most of us perplexed! Here are some key phrases about most men say, and what they actually mean:

1. “I don’t know”
For most guys, this is a vague response that can be applied to a wide range of questions. For example, where should we have dinner? How are you feeling right now? What flavor of ice-cream do you like? Do you like the black dress or blue dress? It’s possible that it means he didn’t this thoroughly so he can’t give a definitive answer here. Or it can imply that if he gives a truth answer, the answer will make one or both of them angry or uncomfortable. If the matter is sensitive and delicate, the last response is very much likely as he’s trying to avoid potential landmines. Ladies, if you think that this is the issue, then you better take a close look at it.

2. “Let’s take things slowly”
To many women, this statement implies that their boyfriends or partners want to have as much free fun as possible before considering being in a committed relationship. Sure, this may be right to some guys, but for some, it might be that he’s been thinking about his previous relationship where things ended badly because he and his girlfriend took things too fast. Maybe he's trying to understand the dynamics of the relationship and be sure he totally wants it before taking the relationship to the next level. So, give him the time to rethink the relationship, until his actions and thoughts prove him wrong.

3. “Can we talk about at a later date?”
Most men use these words to stall a serious and challenging conversation until it goes away. They think that if they keep delaying the issue for some time may be his partner will forget it. The reason why most men do this is that they need time to think before making important decisions and discussing sensitive subjects. Anyways, if you keep pushing him, his emotions and feelings might reach a breaking point, and he will do or say something that he will regret.

4. “I just need to hang out with my friends tonight”
This the most misunderstood of all the phrases guys say. Often, most of them carry little to no meaning at all. It certainly doesn’t mean that he’s tired or bored with his girlfriend, so he’s trying to de-clutter his mind by spending time with his friends. Spending quality time with other guys is a legitimate need that has no relevance when it comes to his desire to be with you or with the quality of your relationship. Resist yourself to fill up the gaps that don’t exist.

5. “What do you to do in bed?”
Apart from the common belief, that most guys are interested to please their girlfriends sexually, and politely asking his significant other what she desires from him, this phrase has little to do with it. Instead, it means that he cares about your sexual and emotional fulfillment and is willing to work at it and make it better. And keep in mind that when a man asks this to his woman, he also thinks that she asks for it too.

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