Why Do Men Stay in Loveless Relationships?

When you’re in a relationship, a situation may come in your life where you find yourself in a sad and loveless relationship, and doing everything you can to end it and move on. But, you decided to stay even its severe affecting your personal, social and professional life. Your friends, family, and people acquainted with are asking why you are still in the relationship despite the fact that it’s causing you so much pain.

Here are five reasons most men stay in dysfunctional relationships and not trying to get out of it:

1. Emotional Inertia
Some men don’t want to get out of loveless relationships because they’ve invested a lot of their time and energy in this relationship, and don’t want start all over again. They don’t want to waste any more time and effort figuring out what you need and don’t need, establishing boundaries and defending them. It’s their bad habits and laziness that have prevented from moving forward and finding new love again.

2. Worried About Conflict
Breaking up with your girlfriend you’ve been in a relationship for some time can rife with conflicts and tumultuous. It’s one of the most unfortunate and painful chapters in one’s life. A lot of men and women, who are in unhappy relationships for months and years, won’t break up, as they’re too afraid of the pain involved in ending the relationship, coping with it and moving on.

3. Fear of Being Alone
Some men are so are frightened of being alone after a breakup; they believe it’s better to be unfulfilling relationships than being spending alone time in their homes watching TV. They would give up finding someone new and have a happy and fulfilling relationship, simply for the fact that they won't find love again. Therefore, spending time with a woman is preferable for them rather than having no one to be with.

4. They’re Fearful of Change
We all fear change. Fear of the unknown can put our lives into uncertainty. But, nothing stays forever, not even mountains and the rivers. So, you’ll find love again, no matter how many bad dates or relationships you’ve been through. Don’t allow the fear of change to keep you away from good things, and move on when the time comes.

5. Fear of Dating
A Lot of guys find dating to be very stressful. This is especially true if they’ve out of the dating scene for a while. Sure, meeting new people is exciting, but when it comes to dating, you’ve to meet someone else’s expectations. On the flip side, you also realize that the new woman you’re dating is also finding it difficult to meet your expectations.

Thinking of all these possible scenarios is stressful, uncomfortable and might discourage many guys to stay out of dating. But, it’s possible that you can meet someone new that’s right for you. But, you can find anyone if you don’t try.

If you’re in a loveless relationship and thinking that it’s time to make a change in your romantic life and start anew, then don’t allow apathy, and fear to prevent you from finding love again.

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