Why Men Suddenly Disappear On You?

Love gives us a companion, that special someone to share our deepest, darkest, and most intimate secrets and our biggest hopes and craziest dreams, and someone who will stick with us after all about them including even the bad ones. Love means to have someone by our side who understands everything about us, even without having to tell them anything specifically. If someone truly loves you, he or she will always put you first in their lives, even if you don’t do that for them. Falling in love guarantees that we won’t be left alone, and there will always be someone who will be thinking about us.

When you met a man for the first time, you thought he could do no wrong. Then your date became your boyfriend, or he’s on his on his way to becoming your beau. But, unfortunately, alongside with this new title also comes the real why might suddenly disappear or abandon you. So, why is that?

Here are three main reasons why guys disappear and what you can do to make sure that he returns to you:

1. He feels compelled to be with you
Let’s be honest, having an obligation isn’t attractive. If a man feels compelled to spend time with you, go on dinner dates with you, have sex with you, or express his affection to you, simply for the reason that he’s your boyfriend and he should be doing these things, then he's on the way to get away from you. You might be wondering is there any wrong in asking to want those things? Absolutely not! But obligation is definitely not the right way to get them.

2. He wants space to feel the attraction
When a man feels the importance of commitment, he suddenly craves for space. The moment he finds the space that he needs, he remembers he's interested or attracted to you. When it comes to men, attraction occurs because he feels fun and enjoys being with you, just like the time when you first met him. And the fun part is, once he feels attracted to you, he’ll do anything within his reach to show his attraction to you. It’s just like what he did during the initial days of your relationship. Why does he do it? Because it’s his idea and he wants to do it.

3. He’s finding it hard to decide if he wants to be with you or not
If a man decides to abandon or leave his girlfriend, he will ask himself whether he feels obligated to be in this relationship or whether he feels attracted to his girlfriend on his own accord. You see attraction takes place naturally when you remove obligation from the equation. If you discard all the things you expect your boyfriend to do, he’ll suddenly remember why he likes, what made both of you come together. When that happens, he’ll want to do things and spend time with you.

If you’re looking for a date or already met someone, if you’ve chemistry and connection, you already have overcome one of the difficult parts of the relationship. All good things in your relationship will be in your favor when you allow attraction to guide your relationship.

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