This Is What Most Men Think When Women Makes The First Move

If you’re a woman living in the 21st century, it's perfectly normal to be a go-getter and walk to a man and say, “Hello,” in the bar. If he’s cute, why not, right? Well, things always don’t go as expected. And, sometimes, it takes a lot of courage to man up and go up to him out of the blue and begin flirting.

So, what do most men think if a woman walks up to them and makes the first move? We were surprised to find that there were differences in the opinions of what guys think when women flirt. Most of them weren’t stuck in the 1950s as we have previously thought. But, unfortunately, some men were trapped in the old ways. Meanwhile, we found a lot of guys who agreed that a girl approaching a guy at a bar and making the first unofficial move isn’t only a welcoming change it’s downright sexy.

Anyways, this is what most men think when women make the first move:

1. It Shows Her Confidence
Most men are impressed when a woman has the balls to approach them at the bar or in a club. Even men find it difficult to go up to a girl and ask her out when they’re out, so some men get turned on when seeing a woman doing it. It shows that she’s confident in herself. And having confidence is sexy.

2. It’s Very Attractive
Men find women incredibly attractive when they come up to them out of the blue at a bar or anywhere out and start flirting with them. Things get even better if she can hold a decent conversation.

3. It's A Little Intimidating
Some men find a woman approaching them out of the blue while they're out a little intimidating. This has nothing to demean women; it’s because you don’t girls walking up to you and striking up a conversation every day. So, some guys get a little uncomfortable when a woman comes up to them, and talking to them. Even for confident guys, it takes a while for them to build up the courage and talk to women when she approaches them.

4. It's Hard When You Are Not Into Her.
Sometimes it’s simply hard for guys to get used to the idea of a girl coming up to them first and asking for a date. This also applies to guys, who are pretty confident too. They say they’re afraid of getting stuck with a girl that they are clearly not interested in. To guys, this feels like a total waste of her time and theirs, too.

5. It’s A Sexy Move By Women
A confident woman approaching man out of the blue and having a conversation is one of the hottest things a woman can do. Most men welcome it, and it actually turns them on when they see traditional gender roles are reversed.

6. It’s intriguing
When looking for a partner, plenty of men are incredibly attracted to strong, confident women. Only a woman with a high self-esteem and self-confidence has the guts to walk up to a man and talk to them or willing to make the first move.

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