What Men and Women Want to Hear While In A Relationship

Communication is the key to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. One interesting thing when it comes to dating and relationships is figuring out what kind of words to say that will wow him, woo her, and win his or her heart. Here are a few lines to say to your man or woman in your life:

1. “Yes.”
We aren’t talking about that obvious “yes.” Just like women, men too crave for love and emotional intimacy. Men want to feel secure and stay committed in the relationship. And it all starts if he gets a positive and emotional response from the woman he loves. For example, men like to hear from their love interest such as, “Yes, I like to have dinner with you,” “Yes, I love your family,” and so forth.

2. “I'd Want to Be With You.”
We live in a fast-paced world. The never-ending demands of work, family, friends, and even boring errands and chores can consume a lot of our time. Suddenly, we can’t make a chance to spend some quality time together. It stays at the bottom of our to-do list. But, even all these inescapable tasks comes in the way, it feels very soothing when your boyfriend or girlfriend say you that he or she likes to be with you, rather be someplace or do something that is keeping them apart.

3. “Are You Free Saturday/Sunday Night?”
Date nights are crucial if you want to keep the romance in your relationship alive and fresh. A guy likes to be pursued. Equally, he wishes to pursue too. So, to all ladies out there, don’t get scared if you ask your man to go on a date with you once in awhile.

4. “That Looks Great On You.”
Complimenting each other is crucial in a relationship. Sometimes, due to our busy schedules, we lose track of our romance, and many of us forget to appreciate our loved ones when they look good and beautiful. We all know that women love positive feedback about their appearances, but that’s equally true for guys as well. Your man tries his best to look dapper and works hard for it. So, tell him about it will make his whole day blissful.

5. “Well, You Are Right.”
At times, it’s best to take the high road, especially when it comes to arguments. The ability to admit when you’re wrong, take full responsibility for your actions, and give all the credit to your boyfriend or girlfriend, and telling them they were right all along is HUGE! It’s not easy to set aside your ego, and it’s imperative that you do. Relationships are all compromises and complementing each other. It’s never about winning alone.

6. “I Do Like Your Friends/Kids/Family Members”
This is a huge step in any relationship, and if this comes from a woman, it means that she’s serious about you. You see most women are communal and relationships mean a lot to them. So, when you say something nice about the people she cares and loves, it means a lot to her. Tell her you to think her father is wise and cool, or one of her children is highly talented, you know how it goes. By complimenting the people closest and dearest to your boyfriend or girlfriend, you’re confirming them as well.

When you’re looking for someone or thinking of getting back with your ex, remembering these cute and emotional lines will make you fall in love again easily!

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