Michael B Jordan Diet For Creed Is Finally Revealed

When you are playing the son of Adonis Creed, you have to rise up to expectations. Michael B Jordan definitely knew that when he signed for the movie “Creed” and put all the efforts to make his performance flawless. And he succeeded! Michael B. Jordan managed to look in this role even more ripped than Carl Weathers and Silvester Stallone, who played Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa, respectively, in the “Rocky” movies.

To get in shape for the role of Adonis Creed — Apollo's illegitimate son in the film — Jordan worked closely with personal trainer Corey Calliet and followed a strict diet. Along with amplifying his workout schedule, his trainer directed Jordan to increase his intake of lean proteins like egg whites, chicken, and fish, which help build muscle, and pair them with whole grains like brown rice or oats, which helped fill you up and smooth digestion. As the training sessions were very intense and the diet extremely strict, he used Michael B Jordan Supplements that helped him stay energetic and burn fat very fast.

“I stripped down my diet completely. Grilled chicken, brown rice, broccoli, a lot of water. I worked out two to three times a day, six days a week. And if you do that consistently for about 10 months, your body will change.”



Meal 1

  • 6 egg whites
  • 1 whole egg
  • 45 g carb (ex: oats, rice, etc.)

Meal 2

  • Protein shake
  • 35 g carb (ex: steel cut oats)

Meal 3

  • 8 oz lean protein (ex: chicken, ground turkey)
  • 65 g carb (ex: rice, sweet potato)
  • 1 cup green veggie

Meal 4

  • 8 oz lean protein (ex: chicken, ground turkey, or fish)
  • 35 g carb (ex: rice, sweet or red potato)

Meal 5

  • Protein shake
  • 35 g carb (ex: steel cut oats)

Meal 6

  • 8 oz lean protein (ex: chicken, ground turkey)
  • 1 cup green veggie
  • 1 tsp oil (ex: olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil)


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