Sources Reveal How A Healthy Diet Helped Michael Jordan In His Performances

Who hasn't followed Michael Jordan's games and dreamed of becoming one day a legend of basketball just like him? From the outside, it seems very easy to be like him, but like any well-trained athlete, he worked hard to achieve that success. He was extremely  dedicated to his athletic training, but this was not everything. Jordan has also been very careful about his diet, especially during basketball season, and ate to maximize his energy. His trainers and dieticians built Jordan's daily menu based on how it affected his energy.

Sources say that Jordan was not a big eater during his professional playing days and only ate enough to feel satisfied without feeling too full. One day of his life included five to six meals a day, to maintain blood sugar levels. Although Jordan was strong and agile during his playing days, his diet was not everything that helped him. In fact, to help promote energy levels, he used Michael Jordan Supplements which have been checked at that time and were approved as totally safe and completely natural.

“When the press is asking me what I was doing to get to these results, I always say that hard-working and dieting were my secrets. My diet always contained 70% of calories from carbs, 20% from fat and only 10% from protein. I am not saying that everyone should try if they want results, but it worked for me and this is everything I know.”


Breakfast: Large bowl of oatmeal with strawberries,

  • Large bowl of oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries, and raisins; scrambled egg whites; glass of orange juice.


  • fresh fruit


  • Chicken breast sandwich or lean hamburger; pasta or baked potato; small green salad.


  • chicken breast or lean steak, pasta or baked potato, steamed fresh vegetables


  • “Whatever he wants”

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