This Is The Michael Phelps Workout That Made Him The Best Swimmer In The World

Michael Phelps is definitely an extraterrestrial force. He has managed so far to break down any possible records and he doesn't stop here. He is already considered the greatest swimmer in the history and he still has a lot to prove. But how is he doing to have this amazing performance? First of all, his physique is built in such way that helps him in swimming. He has built in time large shoulders that made him a true force of nature. On top of that, his relatively short legs help him a lot during swimming because they give him a lot of strength. We can say that Michael can be considered a “human dolphin”.

However, even though his physique was given by nature, he works a lot to be always in good shape and continue winning medals. He spends 6 hours a day working out and does this 6 days out of 7 all the year-round. He spends most of his training in the pool where he works every inch of his body, building resistance and strength. What is more, he is counting on Michael Phelps Supplements that were particularly created to help him become stronger and energetic for his intense workout.


Michael Phelps Workout

“For me, each workout session starts with a very clear goal which I am always determined to meet. Then I am constantly working out to build more resistance and strength, but also to keep my body in excellent shape because at this level I cannot afford any mistakes. I was also lucky enough to have very good trainers who suggested me to use some amazing supplements that changed completely the intensity of my workout routine.”


Warm Up:

  • 6 reps x (50 free, 50 side kick, 50 fly drill, 50 pull buoy, 50 im, 50 im)
  • 20x 100 on 1:15min (25 fly, 50free, 25fly)
  • 500 stroke (50 kick 50 drill)

Main Set:

  • 2000 timed kick stroke
  • 4×100 IM drill continuous

Pulling Set:

  • 10x 200 on 3:00min

 4 Speed Set:

  • 24×25 fly on :30min (1-ez drill, 1-no breath, 1-sprint)

End of practice:

  • 500 abdominal exercises and static stretching


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