Mistakes Women Make When She Wants A Guy To Commit

When it comes to the word “Commitment,” it is a scary thing for a lot of people. It demands the sense of responsibility, maturity, and sensibility.

Are you badly attracted to a guy that doesn’t seem like so fondly interested in you or might have been taking you just like his friend? So, you need to know the tricks to make him commit at the right time and in a way that it does not piss him off the idea.

What mistakes women make when getting a guy committed?

If you want to get hold of the man of your dreams and if you want him to commit you then never commit any of the following blunders:

Bringing it up at a very inappropriate time

Some women end up asking their men at a very wrong time. They may do this out of pressure. The thought of “now or never” is quite helpful at times but not all the times. Moreover, this may surprise your man which in response can turn off the idea of being committed.

Just blurting it out of nowhere

Now this again is something that comes out of pressure. You may blurt it out at an unfortunate time and place. Saying it out while doing grocery at the store is going to confuse your man and he may not take you seriously. Set up right timings for it; when you can discuss it with your partner comfortably and thoroughly.

Making it an obligation

Committing someone is not an obligation. It is a choice where you can’t push someone to agree to it forcefully. You are not supposed to tell a guy that what he has to do. This may lead him to refuse you immediately.

Make it about YOU only

Always give them a preference. Never try to impose what YOU want. YOU want commitment and security; bringing it this way up will make him think twice that is it all about what you want and he has been given the least importance?

Not Considering your partner’s input and suggestions

When we talk about commitment, it means that many things are going to change from now onwards. But if you just plan out these changes all by yourself without considering your partner’s opinion, this will hurt him and react negatively. It is suggested to give him the importance and ask what he wants, and plan out things about your future together.

Talking about marriage

Hold on Lady! You are just talking about commitment right now. So what is the point of bringing up about getting married at the moment? Wait for a good time to come to talk about marriage. Right now focus on “Commitment.”

Telling people that you are already committed

Now this is the worst thing to do. Stopping by and telling everyone that you are committed when that guy you are talking about doesn’t even have any idea about it. Moreover how insulting it is going to be when he openly denies it.

Women often make such kinds of mistakes. Don’t worry dating does comes out to be a confusing concept at times. So, if you have ever committed any of the pre-commitment errors in the past, you now have good suggestions that are mentioned above which will prevent you from future embarrassments.

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