Did Modern Society Crush Your Chances Of Finding Love?

Ah, love.  Nowadays this stuff is only found in romantic flicks and romantic novels where the ladies were called, “darling” and men wore three-piece-suits. Love and relationships are more volatile and fragile than ever. We are now living in a disposable society, and people are less committing now, and some are even not committed at all. We can find many reasons for the decline of romance these days, but we think that some societal trends are to blame for most of the issues.

Here are few reasons that show how modern society is ruining romance:

  1. We take less pride in what we do

Before people used to do what they want to do and what they liked to do. But, society these days seems to be getting more demanding, and people are less motivated to do what they wanted to do. But, now everything is very accessible. Now you just open an app on your smartphone and can look for dates and can chat with them instantly. This has created a pattern where we can have things when we want them. Back in the old days, people made things with their hand and owned things that lasted for decades, take cars and houses as an example. They loved and took care of the things they had, including their relationships. Well, you don’t see that in the new generation anymore.

  1. People have no idea about their roles are anymore

Let’s be clear about one thing here: We don’t to create any controversy here. We aren’t debating about men should be the sole providers for the family, while women should belong in the kitchen. What we are telling here is that men and women have natural, biological differences by evolution. By evolution, men and women have unique strengths and qualities that make us depend on each other both physically and emotionally. But modern societies are pushing so hard for gender equality that it’s destroying the unique, beautiful things that make men and women so distinctive from each other. This is the reason why a lot of men and women don’t know how to act on a date. Even if they figure out some things, they still ask redundant questions like, “Why should men always pay the bill or why can’t she open the restaurant door by herself?”

  1. We don't talk about real problem anymore

Unless you know the proper etiquettes of communication, you can’t have a meaningful and lasting relationship with your partner or get a date in the first place. Now, men and women are spending a lot of time talking about each other that most aren’t interested in making an effort and taking the time to have a conversation about real issues. People don’t want to learn each other’s wants, needs, desires regarding relationships and life. Most young couples don’t even know that a lot of problems can be resolved by having open and honest communication.

  1. We look for happiness and fulfillment in the wrong places

Another reason how modern society is destroying love and relationships is that society tells us every day we need more stuff to be happy. Nice cars. Big houses, more likes, more followers, etc. We need more and more of everything. We don't value each other as individuals. And unless we value each other and value romance than anything, it will be really challenging for men and women looking for love these days.

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