Moving In With Your Girlfriend? Here’s What Most Guys Are Scared About!

Back in the old days, people didn’t like the notion of a couple living together under the same roof, unless they were married. But, things are much different now. It’s the norm nowadays.  If a couple has been in a serious relationship for a while, moving in together is a rite of passage for them. You won’t buy a car unless; you took it for a test drive. So, why on earth would you tie the knot with someone without knowing if you could stand living together in the same house?

We have already established moving in together is a rite of passage for all couples in serious relationships. But, there is more to it. Moving in with your significant other is the only way you can find out whether he is a filthy garbage person or a kind person. Before moving in with your partner, your guy might be “Mr. Perfect”, or she might be “Ms. Charming”. But, once you start cohabitating with that person you learn that your perfect girlfriend loves to leave used Q-Tips everywhere, and that’s not something you like to see.  That being said, moving in together is a bold step that needs to be done if you are really dedicated to growing your relationship. But, for guys, moving in with their partner is a little bit more complicated.  Most men think moving in together is that they have to be ready to pop the question, so they get cold feet.

So what is so scary about moving in with a woman?

Most guys are uncomfortable when it comes to expectations in a serious relationship. Keep in mind that, regardless of what kind of relationship you are in, an expectation is a resentment waiting to happen. Unrealistic or unfulfilled expectations can really end a relationship. Instead of having expectations from your relationship, focus on improving the communication in the relationship. Good communication can resolve almost everything. When a man moves in with his girlfriend, he might not be fully aware that both partners already set up an idea how things should run, what are the responsibilities of each other, and expectations of each other. You might not even acknowledge this consciously, but those expectations are still there. They aren’t going anywhere.

Another reason why men hesitate to move in with their girlfriends is that they are worried that they won’t get alone time. Well, this isn’t a big deal and can be resolved. It’s okay for both of you to want the house all by yourselves from time to time. And at certain times, you will both see yourselves sitting at the same table all evening without speaking a single word.

Another reason why men hesitate to move in with their girlfriends after being in a relationship for a long time is that guys are worried about the resentment that builds up over stuff like doing chores. Some say that it's a good idea to separate chores before moving in. But, as with relationships, sometimes things always do go as we want them to. You will see that somebody isn't going to do their chores and at the end of the day you will end up doing it.

Other reasons why men are scared about moving in with a woman after being in a relationship is that guys think moving in together would make him love her less, and they will have less sex. They will have more arguments because of income disparity and having different expectations about certain things. But moving in can also be amusing, but that’s another topic to discuss.

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